Image 01.
Inside the Sensory Experience Chamber III:
Sensory Overload Department.

12/31/1994 at the Icehouse
The sensory experience chamber is an interactive installation that works with a single audience member at a time. The subject participates in the piece by becoming the center of a whirlwind of spontaneous sensory experiments. This is an image from the third incarnation of the sensory experience chamber. This chamber was a part of the Carnival of the Absurd New Years Party at the Icehouse in 1994. This incarnation of the chamber combined sensory overload, sensory deprivation, an action packed gurney ride through a dance party and a mock burial. While we were only able to process approximately 23 people through this installation, it's presence at the event was felt by all.

Image 02.
Video Feedback Clown.

Installation for a dance party in 1995.
In the 90's I did about 20 art installations at dance parties. Many of these involved televisions, edited video loops and video feedback. This clown had it's own sound system and 4 video channels that could be switched between the televisions. Live video feedback could be created by pointing a video camera at the clowns mouth. When the live feedback was happening the clown really froze people in their tracks.
Image 03.
Trance Dance Mandela.

for the Crash Grand Prix 1995 at the Icehouse
This Mandela was designed to be danced upon... and it was; even though the paint was still a bit wet. A combination of live and pre-recorded music was used to invoke a trance in the dancers, who were soon accompanied by many of the party goers.
Image 04.
UFO landing.

for "UFO Awareness Week" at Hayden Lawn, Arizona State University 6/2/1996
While at ASU I helped to create a student group on campus called "Thought Crime on Campus". The goal of the group was to network students from different disciplines and work together to plan and execute provocative works. We would spend 1 semester planning a project, and the next semester executing it. For "UFO Awareness Week" we planed to land a UFO on campus. We even received funds from the student government to do so. Pandemonium broke loose when the Heaven's gate tragedy coincided with our art project... but it sure was a fun ride.
Image 05.
Cardboard Temple.

for an urban camping experiment at Thought Crime during Art Detour 1999
This project was inspired by attending the Burning Man Festival in northern Nevada. We had 8 camps set up in our parking lot for the duration of Art Detour. The Cardboard Temple was set up as a dance club, but the wind turned it into a
"modern ruin".

Image 06.
Inside the Sensory Experience Chamber IV:
Telepresence Station.

for an Alfadon party at the Toveria Mansion 12/10/1999
Dual miniature televisions displayed a wireless video transmission from a camera out in the party. The camera was carried by a blindfolded technician pretending to be the viewer in the chamber. Full color ID cards of the viewer were distributed by the cameraman to aid in the illusion.

Image 07.
Mirrors in Marrakech.

a photograph mirror assembly in Morocco July, 2001
We spent our honeymoon traveling through Morocco. While in Marrakech we had a room over a busy narrow alley. I wired up some mirrors to see what was going on down below. There was no digital manipulation of the image. It was all done with smoke and mirrors.
Image 08.
Teleportation Portal.

1 of 23 created throughout 2002
The teleportation portal is a training wheel for a new kind of transportation.... Teleportation. Getting from here to there without having to go in between. Hang it on you wall to meditate upon, or take it out and stand on it. The teleportation portal describes a new way to fly where there's no middle man and your the one who must change to take advantage of it. If you figure out how to teleport, pass it on.

Image 9.
Urban Camouflage Pants:

created for the Deconstructing Fashionism Fashion Show at the Icehouse February, 2002
These pants were created with the help of my wife Joanna 23. They are rugged full-featured army camoflage pants. The screenprint is a 2-layer design of strong esoteric icons and catastrophic number series.

Image 10.
Sensory Experience Chamber V:
Another scene of sensory overload.
for the “Traveling America Broke” book release party May, 2002
For this chamber, we had a veritable surplus of technicians. In this tiny room we sometimes packed 10 technicians working on a single subject. Many basic props were used from books, and music to fruit and mannequin parts.
Image 09.