May 31, 2024
Revamping Your Kitchen: GE Profile Range Hood Filter Replacement Review
Are you tired of the greasy build-up on your range hood filter? Look no further! We recently tried out the Replacement Aluminum Range Filter Compatible With GE 99010263, GE WB02X8379, GE WB2X8379, G-8111, 6-1/8 X 23-3/8 X 3/32 PTLS - 1 Pack, and we were impressed. This filter fit perfectly in our GE Profile range hood and helped to effectively trap grease and smoke while cooking. The durable aluminum material is easy to clean and maintain, making it a convenient and cost-effective replacement option. Say goodbye to lingering odors and hello to a fresh kitchen with this GE Profile range hood filter replacement. Revamp your cooking space today!

If you’re⁢ in the ‌market for​ a reliable replacement aluminum range ​filter, look no‌ further! We recently tried out the ‌Replacement Aluminum Range Filter ⁤Compatible With GE 99010263, GE WB02X8379, GE⁣ WB2X8379,G-8111, measuring 6-1/8 X 23-3/8‍ X 3/32 ​PTLS and ‌sold as a 1-Pack. Our experience with this product was nothing short⁢ of impressive, and we’re excited‌ to share our thoughts in this review. Stay tuned to‍ find​ out why⁢ this filter stands out ⁣from the rest and why⁢ it’s a must-have for your GE range.

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When it comes‌ to finding a reliable replacement aluminum range filter, look no further than this high-quality option. ​Designed to be compatible with various models including GE 99010263, GE WB02X8379, GE WB2X8379, and G-8111, this filter is‍ a versatile‍ choice ⁢for your range ‍hood. With dimensions measuring ​at 6-1/8 X 23-3/8 X 3/32 PTLS, you can trust that this filter will fit seamlessly into your​ appliance. Sold as a 1-pack, you’ll‍ have everything you need to keep your range hood functioning⁢ efficiently.

What sets this replacement aluminum filter apart⁢ is its proud origin in Cleveland, Ohio. Made with quality materials and ​craftsmanship, you can trust that this filter is built to last. Say goodbye to old, dirty filters and hello ⁣to a fresh, ⁣clean replacement‍ option for ‌your range⁣ hood. ⁤Upgrade your kitchen today with this compatible filter and ‍experience the difference it can make in your ⁣cooking​ environment.

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Key Features and Benefits

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When it comes to⁤ the of​ this replacement ‌aluminum range‌ filter, there are several aspects that⁣ make it⁣ stand out. First ‌and foremost, this high-quality ⁢filter is proudly​ made in Cleveland,⁣ Ohio, ensuring excellent craftsmanship and durability. The ‍compact dimensions⁤ of 6-1/8‌ X 23-3/8 X 3/32 PTLS make it compatible with ‍a range of GE models, including GE ⁢99010263,‍ GE WB02X8379, and GE WB2X8379. This‍ 1-pack filter offers a convenient and ​efficient solution for replacing worn-out ‍or damaged filters in your range hood.

In addition to its compatibility‌ and durability, this aluminum filter is designed to effectively trap grease, smoke, and odor, keeping your kitchen clean and fresh. The easy installation process‌ makes it a‌ hassle-free solution for maintaining your ⁣range‍ hood, ‌ensuring⁤ that it functions at its best. With this replacement filter, you can enjoy improved air quality in your‌ kitchen and prolong the lifespan of your range hood. Upgrade your cooking​ space with this reliable and efficient aluminum filter today!⁤ Check it out here!

Detailed Insights⁤ and Recommendations

When it comes to finding​ a ‍reliable replacement ⁢aluminum filter for your range hood, ​look no further than this top-notch option. Compatible with a range of⁤ GE⁢ models including​ GE 99010263, GE ⁤WB02X8379, and ​GE ​WB2X8379, this filter is designed to⁣ provide a perfect​ fit ⁣and reliable performance. The dimensions of 6-1/8 X 23-3/8 X 3/32 PTLS‍ ensure that it will seamlessly integrate into your existing setup. Sold as a⁣ 1-pack,‌ you’ll have everything you need to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Crafted with pride in ⁢Cleveland, ‍Ohio, ⁤this high-quality ⁣aluminum ⁣filter⁢ is built‍ to last and⁤ will effectively capture⁤ grease and cooking odors. The durable construction ensures that it​ can handle the demands of‌ daily cooking⁤ without missing a‌ beat. Say goodbye to ineffective filters ‌and hello‌ to reliable performance with ‍this compatible replacement ‍option. Update⁢ your range ⁢hood with ease ⁤and ‍enjoy fresher, cleaner air in your ⁢kitchen. Don’t hesitate to make the switch today for ‍a hassle-free cooking⁤ experience!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer ‌Reviews Analysis

After‌ researching and evaluating customer reviews, we have compiled a detailed analysis of the Replacement Aluminum Range Filter Compatible With GE 99010263. Here’s what customers had to say:

Review Pros Cons
Nice service ​by Filter everything Excellent customer service N/A
Product was ​damaged, returned⁣ and reordered Perfect fit‌ and functionality Quality control issues
It was the correct product but packaging and item ⁣itself were ‌damaged Accurate ⁢product description Shipping issues

Overall, ⁤customers were ⁢satisfied with⁣ the performance and compatibility of the GE ‌Profile Range ⁢Hood Filter Replacement. However, there were some‌ concerns raised​ about‌ the packaging and shipping ⁢of the ⁣product. We ‍recommend purchasing this⁣ filter from a​ reputable seller ⁢to ensure a positive experience.

Pros & Cons

Pros &⁤ Cons


  • High-quality replacement filter
  • Compatible‌ with multiple GE models
  • Dimensions fit most‌ standard range hoods
  • Made with⁢ durable aluminum material
  • Easy ⁣to install


  • Only sold ⁤in a 1-pack, may need to purchase⁢ multiple for larger kitchens
  • May not be compatible with all range hood models
  • Price may be ⁣higher compared to ‌generic filters

Overall, the Replacement Aluminum Range Filter is a solid choice for revamping your‌ kitchen.‍ While it ⁣may have a few drawbacks, its high quality and compatibility with various GE models make it a ⁢worthwhile investment.


Q: What are the dimensions ⁢of ⁣this replacement aluminum filter?
A: The dimensions of this filter are 6-1/8 X 23-3/8 X 3/32 PTLS.

Q: How many filters are included in ⁢a pack?
A: This replacement filter is sold as a 1-pack.

Q:⁣ Where⁤ is this replacement aluminum filter made?
A: This⁣ filter is‌ proudly made in Cleveland, Ohio.

Q: Is this filter compatible with multiple GE models?
A: ‍Yes, this filter is ⁤compatible with GE ​99010263, GE WB02X8379, GE WB2X8379, ⁣and​ G-8111 models.

Q:⁤ How often should I replace this filter?
A: It is recommended to replace⁣ this filter every 6-12 months, depending on usage.

Achieve New Heights

As we⁣ wrap up our GE Profile Range ⁣Hood​ Filter​ Replacement review, we can confidently say that this Replacement Aluminum Range ​Filter‍ is a ‍top-notch choice for⁣ revamping your kitchen. With ​compatibility⁣ with multiple GE⁢ models and proudly made in Cleveland, Ohio, this 1-Pack filter‍ is a reliable option to keep ⁤your kitchen air clean and fresh.

Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your kitchen ‍with this‌ high-quality filter. ⁢Click here to get your⁣ hands on the Replacement ​Aluminum Range Filter Compatible ‍With GE ⁢99010263, GE WB02X8379, ⁢GE WB2X8379,G-8111, 6-1/8 X 23-3/8 X 3/32‍ PTLS ⁣- 1 Pack now!

Get your Replacement Aluminum Range Filter now!

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