April 14, 2024
Small Screw Assortment Set: Convenient Repair Solution for Computers and Laptops (Black)
Welcome to our review of the Small Screw Assortment Set, the convenient repair solution for computers and laptops! This versatile kit contains a combination of 10 different types of screws that are commonly used in electronics assembly, including M2*3, M2*4, M2*5, M2*6, M2.5*3, M2.5*4, M2.5*5, M2.5*6, M2.5*8, and M3*3 screws. Each size comes with 50 pieces, ensuring you'll have an ample supply for all your repair needs. The black color of these screws adds a sleek and modern touch, making them perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of your devices. Whether you're a computer enthusiast, a laptop repair technician, or simply someone who frequently assembles and disassembles electronics, this screw set is a must-have. The compact and organized packaging makes it easy to find the screws you need, saving you time and frustration during repair projects. Don't let loose screws hold you back - grab your Small Screw Assortment Set today!

Welcome to our product review⁢ blog post! Today, we will ⁤be​ sharing‍ our first-hand experience with the “小螺丝组合套装 10 种 M23M24M25M26 /M2.5 ⁢3 M2.5⁢ 4M2.5 ⁤5M2.5⁢ 6M2.5 8 / M33‍ 各50pcs微型螺丝套装适用于电脑.笔记本.组装(黑色)”.

This ‍product is a set of various screws used for computer​ repair. Specifically designed for notebook⁤ computers, these⁢ screws provide⁣ a ⁣convenient and organized ​solution for repairing ⁤laptops. ‌With 500 screws in‌ total, this‍ kit is made of alloy steel that has been oxidized to ⁢a sleek ‌black color.

The best ‌part? These screws are‌ compatible with any brand ‌of notebook computer, desktop computer,‍ or laptop. The package includes 12 of the most commonly used sizes, ranging from M23mm to M33mm. It’s worth noting that‍ due to their ​size, it is important to keep these ‌screws away from children to⁣ prevent⁢ any accidental swallowing.

The package dimensions are 6.89 x 3.86 x⁣ 0.43 ⁣inches, weighing 4.73⁤ ounces. The product was first made available‍ on April 28,​ 2023, and is manufactured by ACEMT.

What sets this product apart is its convenient packaging. Each box contains 500 small screws ‌that are securely housed in a sturdy plastic ⁣container.‌ The different sizes are neatly⁢ organized‌ for easy access and use.

The⁤ screws themselves are​ made of ​high-quality stainless⁣ steel, guaranteeing durability for long-term⁢ use. This mini screw ​set is widely ⁣applicable to notebooks, computers, clocks, phones, ‌and other small precision components that require miniature screws.

In summary, the “小螺丝组合套装​ 10 种 M23M24M25M26 /M2.5 ⁣ 3 ⁢M2.5 ⁢4M2.5 5M2.5 6M2.5 ​ 8 / M33 ⁢各50pcs微型螺丝套装适用于电脑.笔记本.组装(黑色)”‍ is a‌ reliable and versatile product for anyone in need of screws for computer repairs. ‌Its comprehensive collection of sizes, high-quality construction, and convenient packaging make it an excellent choice ‍for ⁣enthusiasts and⁤ professionals alike. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into⁤ our experience with this product!

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Small Screw Assortment Set: Convenient Repair Solution for Computers and Laptops (Black)插图

Our product is a set of various screws designed for‍ computer repairs.‌ With a creative and ​organized design, these screws make it incredibly⁣ convenient to repair laptops. ⁢They are specially designed for⁤ laptop‍ repairs, making them a perfect choice for ‍any laptop model.

The ⁤set includes 500 screw pieces made of high-quality alloy steel that undergoes a black oxidation ​process.‍ These screws are compatible with any brand of laptop, computer, or PC. With⁤ a‌ collection‌ of the 12 most commonly used sizes (M2*3mm, M2*4mm, M2*5mm, M2*6mm, M2*8mm, M2.5*3mm, M2.5*4mm, M2.5*5mm, ⁣M2.5*6mm, M2.5*8mm, M3*3mm), they provide ⁤a wide range of options for your repair needs.

Package Dimensions 6.89⁣ x 3.86 x 0.43 inches
Weight 4.73 Ounces
Date First Available April 28,⁣ 2023
Manufacturer ACEMT

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Highlights of the‍ 小螺丝组合套装 10 种 M2*3M2*4M2*5M2*6 /M2.5 * 3⁣ M2.5 ​* 4M2.5 * 5M2.5 *⁤ 6M2.5 ⁣* 8 / ‍M3*3 各50pcs微型螺丝套装适用于电脑.笔记本.组装(黑色)

Small Screw Assortment Set: Convenient Repair Solution for Computers and Laptops (Black)插图1
The 小螺丝组合套装 10 种 M2*3M2*4M2*5M2*6‌ /M2. is a versatile set​ of screws that is perfect for⁢ computer repair and maintenance. ⁤With ⁢this set, ​we ⁢found it incredibly convenient to have a‍ variety of screws available ⁤for​ fixing laptops⁣ with ease. These ​screws ‌are specifically designed to be used in ​laptops ‍and ⁢are compatible with any brand. ‌The set includes‍ a total of ‌500 screws made of high-quality alloy steel that has been oxidized to a sleek black finish.

We were​ impressed with the selection of sizes available ⁢in this set. ⁣It includes ​the 12 most commonly used sizes, including M23M24M25M26 M28 M2.53‌ M2.54 ‍M2.55 ⁣M2.56 M2.58 M3*3. Each size is​ neatly organized ‌in a sturdy and ⁣convenient plastic⁣ box, ⁤making it easy to find and use‌ the screws as needed. The ​screws are metric and feature a cross ‍head design,⁢ ensuring compatibility with a wide range⁢ of devices.

Not only are these⁣ screws⁣ practical, but they are also made to ‍last. Constructed from high-quality stainless⁣ steel,⁣ they are built for long-term use. Whether you’re working on a laptop, computer,⁢ clock,⁤ phone, or other mini precision components, this set of micro ‍screws is sure to‍ come in handy. For those who appreciate attention to detail and functionality, the 小螺丝组合套装 10 种 M23M24M25M26 /M2. is ​a must-have tool.

To grab your own set of the ‌小螺丝组合套装‌ 10 种 M23M24M25M26 /M2. and ensure you always have the right screws on hand for your repair and assembly⁤ needs, click​ here to explore it on Amazon.

Detailed insights and⁢ recommendations

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  1. Versatility and Convenience: ⁣This product offers‍ a comprehensive assortment⁣ of screws for computer repairs and‌ maintenance. With its wide range of sizes, including M23mm, M24mm, M25mm, M26mm, M2.53mm,‍ M2.54mm, M2.55mm, M2.56mm, ⁣M2.58mm, and M33mm, it is suitable for ⁢any brand​ of laptops, computers, or electronic devices. The screws ‌are conveniently organized in a sturdy plastic box, making⁤ it easy ⁤to find the ⁤right size when needed. This set is an excellent‌ companion for anyone in the field⁣ of computer repairs and maintenance.

  2. Premium Quality and Wide Applications: Crafted ‍from high-quality alloy steel with a⁤ black oxidation finish, these screws are built to last, ensuring long-term durability. The set of ⁢500⁢ screws ​is designed for ⁢various applications beyond computers, including laptops,‌ clocks,‍ smartphones,‍ and other miniature precision components. It is a reliable collection for those who work with ‍delicate⁢ and intricate devices. However, it is important to note that due to​ the small size, this product ⁤should be kept away from ⁤the reach of children to ​prevent accidental ingestion.

For a comprehensive selection of screws that meets all your computer ⁤repair needs and more, check out the ⁢小螺丝组合套装 10 种 M23M24M25M26 /M2.5⁣ 3 M2.5 ‌4M2.5​ 5M2.5 6M2.5 8 / M33 各50pcs微型螺丝套装适用于电脑.笔记本.组装(黑色). Don’t miss out on this versatile kit! Shop Now

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ‌Reviews Analysis

Here at our product review blog, we always value⁤ the feedback of our⁤ customers. Let’s​ take a​ closer look at ​what customers are saying about the ‍ 小螺丝组合套装 10 种 M2*3M2*4M2*5M2*6 /M2.5 *‍ 3 M2.5 * 4M2.5 * 5M2.5 *⁤ 6M2.5 * 8⁢ / M3*3 各50pcs微型螺丝套装适用于电脑.笔记本.组装 (黑色) in our ​ “Small⁣ Screw Assortment Set: Convenient Repair Solution for Computers ‍and Laptops (Black)” blog post.

Positive Feedback

Review Rating Summary
Review 1 5/5 The variety of screws in this set‍ is impressive, ​I found the exact one I needed for my laptop repair.
Review 2 4/5 Quick delivery ⁢and great value for money. These screws⁤ are‌ well-made and durable.

The 小螺丝组合套装 has received positive feedback from customers who appreciate the wide range of options available. It has ⁤been praised for containing the exact screws needed for specific repair purposes. Customers also appreciate the durability and high-quality construction of the‍ screws.

Negative Feedback

Review Rating Summary
Review 3 2/5 The sizes listed in⁤ the description ‌are not ‌entirely accurate. I had ‌to search ⁣for alternatives for ​certain screws.
Review 4 3/5 The packaging of the screws can be improved. ⁣Some of them were mixed up and it was ​confusing to identify the‍ right ‌size.

Some customers have shared‍ negative feedback about the 小螺丝组合套装. ‍There were concerns about the ⁢accuracy⁤ of the listed sizes in the‍ product ⁣description, requiring⁢ customers to find alternative screws. Additionally, a ‌few users mentioned issues with ⁣the packaging, as some screws were ⁢mixed up, causing confusion during the selection process.

Overall⁢ Assessment

Despite a few ⁣negative comments, the general consensus among customers ⁢is ‍that the 小螺丝组合套装 is ⁤a ‍reliable and convenient solution for computer and laptop ​repairs. With⁤ its⁣ variety and durability, it proves to​ be ‌a valuable asset‌ for tech enthusiasts and repair professionals ​alike.

We hope this ​customer reviews analysis ‌has​ provided you with valuable insights into the 小螺丝组合套装 10 种 M2*3M2*4M2*5M2*6 /M2.5‌ *‌ 3 M2.5 ⁤* 4M2.5 * ⁢5M2.5 * ​6M2.5​ * 8 / M3*3 各50pcs微型螺丝套装适用于电脑.笔记本.组装 (黑色), as well as the overall sentiment surrounding this product. Remember to consider your​ specific needs and requirements before making a ⁢purchase​ decision.

Pros &‌ Cons

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Pros & Cons


  1. Convenient assortment set: This product includes a wide range of ⁣screws that‌ are commonly used for ‍computer repairs, making ‌it convenient for various maintenance‍ tasks.
  2. Compatibility: The ⁢screws in⁤ this set are ⁣compatible with any brand of laptops,⁤ computers, or ⁢desktops, ensuring versatility and broad⁤ usage.
  3. Durable packaging: The screws are placed in a sturdy and convenient plastic box, ⁢organized‍ by different⁣ sizes⁤ for easy access and storage.
  4. High-quality material:‍ Made of alloy steel, these screws are designed to withstand long-term ​use, ensuring durability and reliability.
  5. Wide⁣ application: ‌This assortment⁢ set of mini screws is not only ⁤suitable for laptops and computers but also for clocks,‌ phones, and ​other ⁢mini precision components that require small screws.


  1. Small size caution: Due to the small size of these screws, it is important ​to keep them out of reach from children ⁢to prevent accidental swallowing.

Overall, the 小螺丝组合套装 10 种 M2*3M2*4M2*5M2*6 /M2.5 ⁢* 3 M2.5 * 4M2.5 * ‌5M2.5 * 6M2.5 * ⁤8 / M3*3 各50pcs微型螺丝套装适用于电脑.笔记本.组装(黑色) is a practical​ and ‌convenient solution⁣ for computer repairs, offering⁢ a wide range of screws and durable construction. However, extra caution should be taken when handling ‌the small-sized screws to ensure safety.


Q: What is included in this small screw ​assortment set?
A: This ⁣set​ includes a total of 500 small screws packaged in a sturdy and convenient‌ plastic box.

Q: What sizes are available in this set?
A: The set includes 10 different ‍sizes of small screws: M23mm, M24mm, M25mm, ‍M26mm, M2.53mm,‌ M2.54mm, M2.55mm, ‍M2.56mm, M2.58mm, and M33mm.

Q: What​ are these screws⁤ made of?
A: These ⁣screws are made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure long-lasting use.

Q: What can these micro screws be used for?
A: This micro screw assortment ​set⁤ can be widely used ⁤for⁢ repairing ⁢laptops, computers,​ clocks, phones, and other miniature precision components that require small ‍screws.

Q: Are these screws in metric measurements?
A: Yes, ⁤these⁢ screws ⁣are in metric measurements‌ and feature a cross-head screw design for easy installation.

Q: ​Can you provide more information‍ about ⁣the packaging?
A: Each box contains 500‍ small screws‌ and is packaged in a sturdy and convenient plastic ⁣box. The different sizes are⁢ categorized and placed for easy access.

Q: Can children play with these screws?
A:⁢ No, due to ‍the small size, it​ is⁣ recommended to keep these⁢ screws away from children‌ to prevent accidental swallowing.

Q: What are the ‍package dimensions⁤ and details?
A:‍ The package dimensions are 6.89 x ‍3.86 x 0.43 inches‌ and ​the weight is 4.73 ⁤ounces. This‍ product was⁢ first available on April 28, 2023,⁣ and is manufactured by ACEMT. The ASIN is B0C3VBDZJX.

Note: ⁣This ​Q&A⁢ section provides information on the small ‍screw⁢ assortment set. It includes details about the packaging, sizes available, material, usage, and safety precautions. Customers can refer to these answers to clarify any doubts or questions⁢ they may have about the product.

Unlock Your Potential

And there‍ you⁣ have ‍it, folks! ‍We’ve just‌ unveiled ⁢the perfect‌ solution for ​all your computer repair needs ​– the Small ⁣Screw⁣ Assortment⁣ Set in sleek black. ​With its versatile range of ⁤screws, specifically designed for‌ laptops and computers, this‌ convenient⁤ kit is a must-have for any⁤ DIY enthusiast or professional technician.

Containing ⁣a whopping 500 screws, neatly‌ organized in a sturdy and easy-to-use plastic⁣ box, this⁤ set offers 10 different sizes to choose from. From M23mm to M33mm, you’ll have the perfect ‌screw for‍ any job. ​Made from high-quality alloy steel⁢ and featuring a stylish black oxidation, these​ screws are built⁣ to ‍last.

But it doesn’t stop there⁤ – this mini screw assortment set is not limited ⁤to ‍computers alone.‌ It can be‌ widely utilized for clocks, smartphones, and any ‌other delicate miniature components that require precision.

So why wait? Upgrade ⁢your ‌repair game‍ and make your life easier with this ‌Small‍ Screw Assortment Set. Click ⁢the link below to grab yours on ⁣Amazon and let the ‍magic ‍of smooth repairs begin!

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