May 31, 2024
The Ultimate Portable Flameless Lighter: SUPRUS Electric Lighter – Our Review
The Ultimate Portable Flameless Lighter: SUPRUS Electric Lighter - Our Review When it comes to portable lighters, we've seen it all - from the traditional flint lighters to the fancy butane ones. But none have impressed us quite like the SUPRUS Electric Lighter. And let's start with how sleek and elegant it looks in its champagne gold color - it's a true beauty. But the real magic happens when you use it. This windproof, flameless wonder lights up in seconds with a simple push of a button. No more struggling with a flickering flame, especially on windy days. And the best part? It's rechargeable! No more buying lighter fluid or constantly refilling butane. Just plug in the USB cable and you're good to go. Safety is also a priority with this lighter. The safety lock feature ensures that it won't accidentally ignite, keeping you and your loved ones safe. Plus, the long neck allows for easy reach in tight spots without the risk of burning your fingers. Overall, the SUPRUS Electric Lighter is a game-changer in the world of lighters. It's sleek, reliable, and hassle-free - making it the ultimate portable flameless lighter.

Welcome to our product review blog, ⁣where ​we bring you‍ firsthand⁢ experiences with the latest gadgets and gizmos. ‌Today, we’re excited to share our‌ thoughts on the SUPRUS⁤ Electric Lighter Arc ​Windproof Flameless USB Lighter⁢ Rechargeable Lighter with Safety Lock in ⁤Champagne⁣ Gold.

As self-proclaimed adventurers, we’re always on the lookout for portable and convenient tools that enhance our outdoor experiences. And boy, did this lighter deliver! Its lightweight design makes‌ it a breeze‍ to carry, whether we’re ‌venturing ⁢out on a⁣ camping ‍trip or simply lighting candles at home. ⁤

But⁣ what really sets the SUPRUS Electric⁢ Lighter apart is its⁤ wind and‍ splash-proof feature. With its flameless plasma ⁣technology,⁤ we no longer have‌ to worry about ⁤our​ sparks being extinguished by those pesky gusts of​ wind. It’s the perfect tool​ for lighting ‌up ‌under any weather conditions.

One of the standout ‌upgrades of this‍ lighter ‌is the⁢ battery notification feature. Gone are the days of guessing how much charge‌ is left. With just a glance at the barrel,‌ the four LED lights indicate the battery volume, ⁤making it easier than ever to ensure we’re fully charged before ‍embarking on ⁢our adventures.

In terms of safety, SUPRUS ​has ​truly thought of everything. ⁤The built-in automatic power-off ​chip protection and external safety lock ⁣switch not ⁢only bring peace of mind but​ also protect against accidental ignitions. We particularly ⁣appreciate the child safety feature, requiring us‌ to first ‍push the safety lock switch before pressing ‌the ignition switch.

To​ top it all ​off, ‌the SUPRUS Electric Lighter comes with all the essentials you ​need—a USB charging cable, a gift box, a user manual, and even‌ 24-hour friendly customer service.

In conclusion, our experience with the SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless⁣ USB Lighter Rechargeable Lighter with Safety Lock in Champagne ​Gold has been nothing short of exceptional. Its portability, wind and ​splash-proof capabilities, battery notification, and​ safety features make it a must-have tool ‍for any adventure enthusiast.

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Overview of the SUPRUS Electric Lighter ‍Arc⁤ Windproof ⁤Flameless USB ‌Lighter

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The SUPRUS ⁣Electric Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless ⁣USB Lighter is a must-have gadget for anyone on ​the go. With‌ its⁤ portable and convenient design, this lighter is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for a‍ wide range‌ of activities⁣ such as BBQs, camping, hiking, cooking, and ​more.

One of the standout features of this lighter is⁢ its ‌wind and splash-proof design. Thanks to ⁢its‌ flameless plasma technology, this lighter can withstand even the strongest winds, ensuring that your‌ flame won’t be ⁤extinguished ‌when ⁣you need it most.​ This⁤ makes it the perfect tool for⁤ lighting under bad‍ weather conditions.

Another great feature ​of the SUPRUS Electric Lighter is its battery‍ notification system. With four LED lights on the barrel, ⁢you can easily monitor ​the battery level and know when it’s​ time to ⁤recharge. When all⁣ four lights are on, ‌you can rest assured ​that ⁤your ⁤lighter is fully charged and ready to ⁤use.

In terms of ‍safety, this ⁣lighter ​is top-notch. It features a built-in automatic power-off chip protection⁣ and an external safety lock switch, which provide added safety and peace of mind. To use the ​lighter, simply push⁢ the safety lock switch and then press the ⁣ignition switch. ‌Plus, the igniting spark will automatically stop after 7 seconds, ensuring that it ⁢doesn’t accidentally stay on.

Overall, the SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc Windproof ‌Flameless USB Lighter is a⁤ fantastic‍ investment.⁢ It’s portable, convenient, and designed with safety in mind. Whether ‍you’re lighting candles, starting ⁢a ​fire, ​or simply need a reliable flame⁢ in ‌challenging conditions, ⁤this ‌lighter has got you covered. Don’t miss out—get​ yours today and experience the convenience for ⁢yourself! Order ⁣now.

Key features and‍ aspects​ of the SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc‍ Windproof Flameless USB Lighter

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When it comes to the SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless USB‍ Lighter, there are several key features and aspects that make it⁢ a standout product. First and foremost, its portable and lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to carry around, making it the perfect companion for​ BBQs, travel ‌camping, hiking, and more.⁢ Whether you need to light candles, cook, start a fire in ‍your fireplace, or even set off fireworks, this⁤ lighter has got ⁣you covered.

One of the standout features of this lighter is​ its wind and splash proof capabilities. Thanks to its flameless plasma technology, you don’t have to worry about strong winds blowing ​out the flame. This makes it an ideal tool for lighting under bad weather conditions. No more struggling with traditional lighters or matches when⁢ the‌ wind is against you. And‌ to top it off, this SUPRUS arc lighter even has a battery notification⁣ feature. With four⁤ LED lights on the barrel, you can⁣ easily see​ the ⁤real-time battery ⁢volume. ⁤When all four lights are on, you know it’s fully‍ charged and ready ‍for any lighting needs.

In addition to these features, the⁢ SUPRUS ​Electric Lighter also comes with a range of safety protection designs. It has‌ an ⁤automatic power-off⁢ chip protection built-in to⁣ ensure maximum safety, and it even has an external⁢ safety lock ⁣switch. This means you have to push⁣ the safety lock switch⁣ first before pressing the ignition switch to⁢ work. And for added peace of mind, the igniting spark will automatically stop after 7 seconds per ⁢ignition. Simply restart the switch and the spark will be re-ignited. With this lighter, safety is always a⁢ top priority. Plus, when you purchase this SUPRUS rechargeable lighter,⁢ you ⁤also receive a USB⁣ charging⁤ cable, a gift ‌box, a user manual, and 24-hour friendly customer service. So why wait? Grab your⁢ SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc ⁢Windproof Flameless USB Lighter now and experience the convenience,⁤ reliability, and safety it offers.

Detailed insights and specific recommendations for the SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc⁢ Windproof Flameless USB​ Lighter with ⁢Safety Lock (Champagne‍ Gold)

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The SUPRUS Electric ⁢Lighter Arc‍ Windproof Flameless USB ⁤Lighter is a portable and convenient tool that is perfect for ⁣various activities such as BBQs, travel camping, hiking, candles, cooking, fireplaces, and even fireworks. Its lightweight design makes ​it easy to carry wherever you go.

One of the standout features of this lighter is its ⁤wind and⁤ splash proof capability. Thanks to⁢ its flameless‍ plasma technology,⁣ strong winds won’t blow out the electrical pulses, ensuring a reliable​ ignition even under​ bad weather ‌conditions. ⁢No more struggling with matches⁢ or traditional ⁣lighters that get extinguished easily ‍in windy environments. ​

Another notable aspect of this lighter is​ its battery notification feature. With its upgraded design, the SUPRUS ⁣arc lighter can display real-time battery volume.‍ When all four LED ‍lights on the barrel are illuminated, you can‌ be confident that the lighter is fully charged and ready⁣ to use. This eliminates the guesswork and ensures that you never run out of battery when you​ need it the most.

In terms of safety, the SUPRUS Electric ⁤Lighter incorporates⁢ a protective design. It ⁢has a built-in automatic power-off chip ⁢protection and‍ an external‍ safety lock switch. These features⁣ provide added safety and prevent accidental ignition. To use the lighter, you need ‍to ‍push the safety lock switch⁤ first, followed by pressing the ignition switch. ⁣Additionally, ⁣the igniting spark automatically⁢ stops after 7 seconds, enhancing safety even further.⁣

With the SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless USB Lighter, ‌you get ​more than just a reliable​ lighting tool. The package includes a⁣ USB charging cable, a gift box, and a user ‌manual, making it a complete set for your convenience. Moreover, the manufacturer offers 24-hour friendly customer services, ensuring that you have all the support you need. ‌

If you’re looking for a durable, windproof, and rechargeable ‌lighter⁢ with enhanced ‌safety features, the SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless USB Lighter is the perfect⁢ choice.⁣ Don’t miss out on this reliable lighting solution. Get yours today by clicking here.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ⁣Reviews‍ Analysis

We have ‍gathered a ⁤range of customer reviews ⁤on the SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless USB Lighter, and here is what customers have to say:

Positive Reviews:

  1. I have only‍ had this lighter ⁢for a⁢ couple of weeks now, but have been satisfied with it. It is very easy to use. Sometimes I do⁤ wish it was a little longer for when my deeper candles are burnt down closer ‌to the bottom, but that’s a fairly minor ​thing. ​I got the blue and it is ⁢a ​lovely color. It charged up⁢ quickly⁤ when I first received it. I can’t⁣ speak to battery​ life very well as I have not needed to charge it yet. Overall, I’d recommend it.

    – A Verified Customer

  2. Before I saw‍ this lighter I had never seen anything⁣ like it. I use ‌this lighter to burn the ends of exposed ‌thread left after sewing tooling leather. This lighter ‌will burn the thread without heating ⁤up or ⁤scorching the surrounding leather one bit. Because it’s an electric arc,⁢ there’s no radiant heat. The⁤ arc only burns ‍what it touches. No other lighter can do that.

    – A‌ Verified​ Customer

  3. My household lights a ⁣lot ‌of stuff. The wood burning stove, candles, grill, ‍etc. ⁣So​ this rechargeable lighter ⁣was very appealing for my ⁤pyro family. It has a safety ‍switch so I don’t ⁣need ⁣to worry about ⁢it turning on in the drawer.‌ It’s easier to ⁣use than a normal lighter since it’s just one sliding ‌switch as opposed to sliding⁢ and ⁣clicking a long lighter or​ trying to sin a ⁢wheel while clicking like ‌a standard lighter. ⁤There ​is ‍also a few light dots to give a rough⁢ idea of the current ​charge. It’s a good length too, just​ a⁢ bit shorter⁢ than long lighters. Frankly it’s also just cool seeing the little plasma arch appear. It looks a‌ bit like a tazer, but probably would hurt more since ​it’s intended to actually⁤ burn ‍stuff. Definitely don’t try⁣ to​ fly with ‍it,⁣ just in case.‌ Only point I’m‌ nervous about is that the lighter tip appears to be two wires sticking⁤ out of plastic so I’m worried about the ‌plastic melting. ‍I would hope the wires would be fine even without the plastic,‌ but⁤ I’m paranoid. ​We tend to use ⁤normal fluid lighters​ so it felt very wasteful using that fuel and⁣ throwing ⁣away plastic. ​My family doesn’t seem to use matches much, ⁣I think they have too much trouble striking them or burn​ their fingers with ‍short matches. This should see a lot of use and is really neat. Plenty of pyro playtime.

    – ‍A Verified Customer

  4. This arc lighter has‌ been ⁣a great replacement for a traditional lighter for me personally. ⁢I found the instructions​ easy to understand and​ the ⁤lighter itself very easy to use. I like⁤ being able to switch the entire unit completely off when not in use, I’d wondered about it before purchasing because​ I wanted to put ⁣it in my purse. I also really enjoy having a ​rechargeable lighter over ‍a traditional butane ⁢reliant one. For some reason, I can’t‍ keep track⁤ of the other⁤ ones, but I haven’t ‌misplaced this one even once. To me, this ​was definitely a worthwhile purchase.

    – A Verified Customer

  5. After a little bit of minor struggle to ‌get this to work, I finally figured out how to ​light it. And ‍I love it. So much better ⁤than​ a standard lighter.

    -⁤ A Verified Customer

Negative Reviews:

  1. It’s best for relighting a⁣ candle because the wick is already impregnated with wax. Not to say it can’t light a fresh candle, but​ the arc is much smaller than the flame from a lighter or match. Why does this matter? Because a candle burns wax as fuel and you want the wick to remain. When​ you light a candle with a normal flame, ‌it incidentally ⁤vaporizes the wax and ignites without burning the wick⁢ down too far. With the arc lighter,‍ the arc ignites the virgin wick, which burns down to the⁤ wax where it may or may not light‌ on​ the‍ first⁣ try. You may end up with ‌a‍ shorter wick and a couple of attempts ‌to get ⁤it going.

    -‌ A Verified Customer

  2. This is my first electric lighter and it never ‍occurred ⁢to me ⁢that it would have ⁤an on/off switch. With those tiny instructions, I ‍struggled with it for a‍ long time and was​ close to‍ assuming that I’d gotten a defective product when I ⁢got out a⁤ magnifying glass an discovered the ‍on/off switch. Maybe add a ⁣marking on the tool itself to‌ make it a⁣ little more obvious?

    – A Verified Customer

Pros & Cons

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– Portable and lightweight,‍ making it easy to carry and ideal for various outdoor activities such as BBQs, camping, hiking, and fireworks.
– Wind ⁤and splashproof design using ‍flameless‍ plasma technology, ensuring that the lighter is not affected by⁢ strong winds and can be used under bad weather conditions.
– Battery notification feature that⁣ displays ⁢real-time battery volume, allowing ​users to know ⁣when ‌it is fully charged.
– Comes with a complete package ⁢including USB​ charging cable, gift box, user manual, and 24-hour friendly customer services.
– ‌Safety​ protection design​ with automatic ⁣power-off⁤ chip and external safety lock switch, making it safe to use and preventing accidental ignitions.
– Child ⁤safety feature requires the user ‌to push the⁣ safety lock switch before pressing ​the⁣ ignition switch, reducing the risk of accidents.
– Igniting spark automatically‌ stops beyond⁢ 7 ⁢seconds per igniting for additional safety.


  • Limited color options available, only​ offered in ⁤Champagne​ Gold.
  • May not work well in extremely​ windy ⁤conditions ⁤despite the windproof feature.
  • The safety‍ lock switch may be difficult to unlock ‌for some users.
  • Battery life⁣ may not be long-lasting for heavy users, requiring frequent charging.
  • The design ‌of the lighter may not be visually appealing to everyone.


    The Ultimate Portable Flameless Lighter: SUPRUS Electric Lighter – Our Review插图5
    Q: Is the‍ SUPRUS ⁣Electric Lighter easy to ⁣carry around?

A: Yes, the SUPRUS Electric ⁣lighter is designed to⁣ be lightweight and portable, making it​ easy to carry around with‌ you wherever you go. Whether you’re​ heading to a BBQ, going camping, hiking, or ⁢simply need a lighter⁣ for ⁢everyday use, ‍this lighter is convenient and hassle-free.

Q: Can the SUPRUS Electric ​Lighter withstand windy conditions?

A: Absolutely! ‍The ⁣SUPRUS Electric​ Lighter utilizes flameless plasma technology, which prevents electrical pulses ⁢from being blown out​ by strong winds. This ⁤means ‌that you ‌can rely on this lighter to function even under ​challenging weather conditions, making ‌it the perfect tool for lighting in ​outdoor environments.

Q: ⁢How can I know when the‌ battery is fully charged?

A: The upgraded SUPRUS arc lighter features a battery notification system that displays the⁣ real-time battery volume. When all four LED lights on the barrel of the lighter turn on, you ⁤can be sure that the​ battery is fully charged and ready to⁤ use.

Q: What comes in the package when purchasing the SUPRUS ​Electric Lighter?

A: When you purchase the SUPRUS Electric Lighter, ⁢you will receive the rechargeable lighter itself, a USB charging cable for easy recharging, a gift box to keep it safe and secure, ‌and a ⁣user manual to guide you through its features⁢ and functionality. Additionally, you’ll also get access to ​our 24-hour friendly ‍customer service for any assistance you‌ may need.

Q: ⁤Is the SUPRUS Electric Lighter safe to ⁢use?

A: Absolutely. The SUPRUS Electric Lighter⁣ is designed with safety in mind. It features a built-in automatic power-off chip protection and an external ⁢safety lock switch, which effectively increases safety during use. To ensure additional safety measures, you need to push the safety lock switch first before pressing the ignition switch. The igniting spark will automatically ⁣stop beyond 7 seconds per igniting. Simply restart ​the switch to re-ignite the spark.

In conclusion, the SUPRUS Electric Lighter is the ultimate portable ⁣flameless lighter ‌that combines convenience, reliability, and safety. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry, while ‌its wind and ⁢splash-proof⁢ features ensure it performs ⁢under any weather condition.​ With its battery notification‍ system, you’ll always know when ⁣it’s fully charged. And ⁤with the added safety features, you can use it with peace of mind. Plus, the package comes with everything you need, and our friendly customer service is available round the clock. ⁢Don’t ‌miss out⁤ on this‌ innovative and practical lighter for all your ⁤lighting needs!⁢

Unleash Your True Potential

The Ultimate Portable Flameless Lighter: SUPRUS Electric Lighter – Our Review插图6
In conclusion, the SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc Windproof⁢ Flameless USB Lighter ‌is the ultimate ‍portable flameless⁢ lighter that ‍you need in your life. Its champagne gold color adds a touch of ‌elegance to its sleek design, making it a must-have accessory for any occasion.

With its lightweight ⁤and‍ compact build, this lighter is incredibly convenient to carry around. Whether you’re heading to a BBQ, camping, hiking, or simply need to light candles or fireplaces, this lighter has ‍got you covered. ​It’s also wind and splash proof, thanks to ‍its flameless plasma‌ technology that ensures the electrical pulses won’t be blown ‍out by⁤ strong winds.

One of the standout features of this SUPRUS lighter is its ⁤battery notification⁤ system. The four LED lights ‍on the barrel indicate the real-time battery volume, so you never ‌have to ⁢worry about running out of charge unexpectedly. When all four lights are on, ‍you know the lighter is fully⁢ charged and ready to go.

Safety is of utmost ‌importance, and SUPRUS has taken⁢ it seriously with⁣ this ⁣lighter. It’s built with automatic power-off ⁢chip ⁣protection and an‍ external safety lock ​switch, ensuring your safety at⁤ all times. The child ⁢safety design requires you to push the⁣ lock switch ‍first before pressing the ignition switch, preventing any accidental⁤ ignitions. Additionally, the⁣ igniting spark​ automatically ‍stops after 7 seconds, adding an extra layer of protection.

When you purchase⁣ the SUPRUS Electric ⁢Lighter, ‌you’ll also receive a USB ⁣charging cable, ‍a gift box, and ⁤a‌ user manual. Plus, the 24-hour friendly services provided by SUPRUS ensures that you’ll have a ​reliable customer support team to assist you should you have any‌ questions ‍or concerns.

Don’t miss out ​on the convenience, safety, ⁣and style that this SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless USB Lighter⁢ offers. Get yours now by clicking this link ⁤and ‍experience the⁢ ultimate portable flameless ‍lighter for yourself. Happy lighting!

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