April 16, 2024
Upgrade Your Kitchen with Our Premium Kenmore Range Hood Filters Replacement!
Are you tired of dealing with pesky cooking odors in your kitchen? Look no further! Our premium Kenmore Range Hood Filters Replacement is here to save the day. With a sleek aluminum design, these filters not only improve the air quality in your kitchen but also add a touch of sophistication to your space. The 9-7/8 x 11-11/16 x 3/8 size ensures a perfect fit for your range hood, providing maximum efficiency in trapping grease and odors. Plus, with a convenient 2-pack, you'll always have a spare on hand when it's time for a replacement. Upgrade your kitchen today with our top-of-the-line range hood filters – you won't be disappointed!

Welcome to our latest product ‌review! Today, we’re taking​ a closer look at the⁢ Aluminum Replacement Range Hood Filter 9-7/8 ‍x ⁢11-11/16‌ x 3/8 (2-Pack).‍ As avid cooks, we​ understand the importance of having a ⁣functional and efficient⁣ range hood filter ⁣to ​keep our kitchen air clean and free of grease and odors.‌ This filter not only meets but​ exceeds ‌OEM​ specifications, ⁢giving us peace of ⁣mind knowing ⁤that it’s of high quality.

The aluminum frame and mesh are not only durable but ⁣also washable, making maintenance a breeze. We love that this filter is compatible with a wide range of ⁢brands⁢ including Broan, General Electric,‍ Whirlpool, and Kenmore, among others. The 2-pack option is convenient and ensures that we always have ‌a spare on⁣ hand when ‍needed.

Overall, we are ⁢impressed with the performance of this Aluminum Replacement Range Hood Filter. Stay tuned for our in-depth review to learn ‍more about our experience with this product!

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When it comes to our replacement range​ hood filter, we take pride in⁢ offering a⁢ product that not only meets but exceeds OEM specifications. Crafted ‍with an aluminum frame and mesh, our filters are both⁤ durable and washable, ensuring a long lifespan and easy⁤ maintenance. Compatible with a variety⁣ of brands including ‌Broan, General Electric, Whirlpool, and Kenmore, our 2-pack of filters is versatile and convenient for a range ‍of users.

Measuring at 9-7/8″ x 11-5/8″​ x 3/8″, our filters ‍are designed to fit multiple models, ‌providing ⁤a reliable⁣ solution⁤ for ‍keeping your range hood functioning efficiently. Proudly made in the USA near Cleveland, Ohio, our aluminum replacement range⁤ hood filters are a quality product that you can trust. Upgrade your ‍kitchen today with our ​reliable filters and enjoy clean, fresh air in your ‍home.

Key Features⁤ of the Aluminum Replacement Range‍ Hood Filter

When it comes to the Aluminum Replacement Range Hood Filter, ​we ‌were impressed with the quality and performance of this‍ product. The aluminum frame and aluminum mesh are not ⁢only durable⁤ but also ⁣washable, making it easy to maintain and reuse. It’s great to know that this filter meets and even ​exceeds OEM specifications, ensuring that it provides the best performance possible.

Another key feature that stood out⁢ to us is the compatibility with a wide range of ‌range hood brands, including Broan, General Electric, Whirlpool, and Kenmore. With measurements of 9-7/8″ x ⁣11-5/8″ x 3/8″ ‍and a 2-pack option, this ⁢filter offers convenience and versatility for different models.‍ Plus, ⁤it’s proudly made in the USA near⁤ Cleveland, OH, giving us confidence in its quality and⁤ craftsmanship. If you’re looking‌ for ⁤a ⁢reliable and efficient replacement range hood filter, this product is definitely worth considering. Check it out on Amazon to upgrade your kitchen maintenance ⁣routine today!

Detailed Insights into the Performance

When it comes to the performance of the ⁢Aluminum Replacement Range ⁤Hood Filter, we were thoroughly ⁢impressed. The filter not only met but exceeded OEM ⁢specifications, ensuring top-notch quality. The aluminum frame and mesh are washable, making maintenance a breeze. We tested the filter on various range hood brands, ⁤including Broan, General Electric, ‍Whirlpool, and Kenmore, and it fit perfectly with each one. The compatibility of this filter with multiple ⁣models makes it a versatile and ⁢convenient option for⁤ homeowners.

In terms of dimensions,‍ the filter measures 9-7/8″ x 11-5/8″ ‌x 3/8″, making it suitable⁢ for a wide range of range hood sizes. The 2-pack option is a great value for money, providing you with a spare filter for ​future ​use. We appreciate that this product⁢ is proudly made in⁣ the‌ USA near Cleveland, OH, ensuring⁣ high-quality craftsmanship. Overall, if you’re looking for ⁢a reliable and efficient range hood filter, this Aluminum ⁢Replacement Range Hood Filter⁣ is definitely ⁢worth considering. Click here ⁤to get yours now: Buy Now.

Specific Recommendations and Usage Tips

When it ⁣comes to maintaining a clean and efficient range hood, our aluminum replacement filters are the perfect solution. They are ⁢designed to meet and⁤ exceed‌ OEM specifications, ensuring top-notch performance. The aluminum frame and mesh are washable, ⁤making‌ it easy to keep them clean and looking like new. These filters are compatible with a wide range of brands, including ‍Broan, General ‍Electric, Whirlpool, and Kenmore. With a ⁢2-pack option available, you’ll always ⁢have a⁣ spare on ⁢hand when it’s⁢ time for a replacement.

Features Specifications
Material Aluminum
Dimensions 9-7/8″⁣ x⁣ 11-5/8″ x 3/8″
Quantity 2-Pack
Compatibility Broan, General Electric, Whirlpool, Kenmore

For optimal⁢ performance, ⁤we recommend cleaning these filters regularly to remove any⁤ built-up‌ grease or debris. Simply wash​ them ⁣with warm, soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and allow them⁢ to air dry before reinstalling. Made proudly in the USA‍ near Cleveland, Ohio, ​these ⁣replacement filters are a durable and‍ reliable choice for your ‌range hood. Upgrade your kitchen’s air quality today by clicking here to purchase your own ⁤2-pack ⁤of aluminum⁣ filters!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

Here are some​ of the⁣ reviews from customers‌ who have⁢ purchased‍ our⁤ Aluminum Replacement Range Hood Filter⁢ 9-7/8 x ⁢11-11/16⁣ x 3/8 (2-Pack):

Review Rating
“I wasn’t sure what size to ⁤order, took ⁤a ruff measurement found these and they fit perfectly!” Positive
“Perfect fit. Seems to be ⁣well made.” Positive
“Took a chance on these because I ⁣couldn’t find item number‍ for ​the ones I needed. ‍They’re⁣ a perfect fit, though they are a little flimsier than ​the ones I had.” Positive
“I like the aluminum replacement filters because ​it saves ⁣me lot ⁤of hard work‌ from cleaning the greasy filters.‍ I normally replace ‍them every six months so the exhaust hood can function properly.” Positive
“Did the job” Positive
“The filter is⁢ absolute junk, ‍useless. The woven mesh has giant gaps, enough to ​put a finger through. The⁣ frame is the flimsiest, cheapest pot metal⁣ I’ve ever touched. Take the time and find oem filters.” Negative
“flimsy. cheaply made” Negative
“These range hood filters work perfectly on ‍my⁢ 27-year-old Broan range hood.” Positive

Overall, our Aluminum Replacement Range ⁤Hood ‌Filter has ‌received mostly positive⁤ reviews from customers ‍who have found‌ them to be well-made and a ⁣perfect⁣ fit for their range hoods. However, there are a few negative reviews highlighting concerns⁢ about ‍the quality and durability of the‌ product.

We always appreciate feedback from our customers ​as it helps us improve our products and services. ⁤If you have any⁢ questions or concerns about our range hood filters, please don’t ‍hesitate to ⁣reach out to us.

Pros &⁣ Cons

Pros &​ Cons


  • Meets or exceeds⁢ OEM ⁤specifications
  • Aluminum frame and mesh are washable for⁢ easy ⁣cleaning
  • Fits many different brands of range hoods
  • Made in ‌the USA‌ near Cleveland, OH


  • May not fit⁤ all range hood ‍models
  • Some ⁤users may‍ find the filters difficult to install


Q: How ‍do I know if this​ range hood filter will⁢ fit my model?

A: Our aluminum replacement range hood filter is compatible with a variety of ‍brands and ⁢models, including Broan, General Electric, Whirlpool, and ‌Kenmore. It measures 9-7/8″ x⁤ 11-5/8″ x 3/8″, so be sure to ‍check the dimensions of your current filter to ensure⁣ a proper fit.

Q: Are these filters washable?

A: Yes, both the aluminum ‌frame and aluminum mesh of ‌our range hood filters are⁢ washable,⁢ making them easy to⁤ clean ‍and reuse.

Q: How many filters come in a pack?

A: Each ⁤pack contains 2 aluminum replacement range hood filters, providing you with a convenient and cost-effective solution for maintaining your kitchen exhaust system.

Q: Where are these filters made?

A:‍ Our range hood filters are proudly made in the USA near Cleveland, Ohio, ensuring high quality and craftsmanship in every product.

Achieve New Heights

As we wrap up our review of the Aluminum⁣ Replacement Range Hood Filter‌ 9-7/8 x 11-11/16 x 3/8⁢ (2-Pack), we are confident that this premium Kenmore range hood filter will upgrade your kitchen with ‍its superior quality and performance. With its⁤ aluminum frame and washable aluminum mesh, this filter meets and exceeds OEM​ specifications, making it a​ reliable choice for your range hood.

Compatible with​ various brands and models, ‌including Broan, General Electric, RangeAire, Whirlpool, and Kenmore, this 2-pack of filters is proudly made in the USA near Cleveland, Ohio. Ensure clean and fresh air ​in your kitchen with these durable⁤ and⁢ efficient filters.

Don’t wait any longer to improve the air quality​ in your kitchen – click the link below to get your hands​ on the Aluminum Replacement Range Hood Filter 9-7/8 x 11-11/16‌ x 3/8 (2-Pack) now!

Upgrade Your Kitchen Today!

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