May 31, 2024
Streamline Your Kitchen: Broan-NuTone Ceiling Range Hood
In our quest to transform kitchens into culinary havens, we stumbled upon the Broan-NuTone PM300SS Custom Power Pack Range Hood Insert. Sleek stainless steel, it effortlessly blends into any kitchen aesthetic. With its 2-speed exhaust fan and radiant light, this 21-inch powerhouse eliminates smoke and odors while illuminating your culinary creations. At 300 Max Blower CFM, it’s a silent guardian, ensuring a tranquil cooking environment. Installation? A breeze. Its custom design fits snugly into any cabinetry, giving your kitchen a seamless finish. Say goodbye to grease-laden air and hello to pristine cooking spaces. Trust us, your culinary adventures deserve this upgrade.

Welcome to our latest product review, where we delve into the sleek and efficient world of kitchen ventilation with the Broan-NuTone PM300SS Custom Power‍ Pack Range Hood Insert. If you’re like us, the kitchen is the heart of your home, and having a reliable and stylish range hood can make all the difference in your cooking experience.

Crafted with precision and functionality​ in mind, the Broan-NuTone PM300SS insert is a ⁤testament to innovation in kitchen design. ⁣Its 30-inch one-piece construction seamlessly integrates into your cabinetry, not only protecting it but also adding a touch of modern sophistication to your kitchen space. The flush design and adjustable depth ensure a perfect fit for any⁤ kitchen aesthetic, making it a versatile choice for both new installations and remodels.

Installation can often be a daunting task, but fear not; with the included EZ1 clips, ​even the most hesitant DIYers can confidently tackle the job. And for those who prefer the convenience ⁣of remote ​control,⁣ an optional wall remote is available, ensuring accessibility for all.

But let’s talk performance. With a max blower⁣ CFM of 300, this insert means business when it⁢ comes to clearing smoke, grease, and odors‌ from ⁢your ⁢kitchen air. And at a mere 3 sones, it operates at‌ the level of a casual conversation, so you can cook up a storm without raising your voice.

Illuminate your culinary creations with ease, thanks to the⁢ bright LED lighting that ‍provides optimal visibility over your cooktop, day or night. And ​when it’s time for cleanup, the‌ dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh micro​ filters and stainless⁤ steel finish make maintenance a breeze, ensuring⁢ your range ⁢hood remains as pristine as the day it was installed.

In‍ summary, the Broan-NuTone‌ PM300SS Custom Power Pack Range Hood Insert is ⁢more than just a ventilation‍ solution; it’s a testament to craftsmanship, performance, and style. ⁢Whether you’re​ a ⁣culinary connoisseur⁣ or a casual cook, this insert is sure to elevate your kitchen experience to new heights. Stay tuned as ⁣we ​dive deeper into our firsthand experience​ with this impressive kitchen essential.

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Revitalize your kitchen ⁣space with‌ the sleek and efficient Broan-NuTone Custom⁤ Range Hood Insert. Crafted to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen design, this 30-inch one-piece insert not only protects your cabinetry but ‌also enhances the aesthetics of your culinary haven. With its⁢ flush design ‌and adjustable depth, it blends effortlessly into any kitchen setup, elevating‍ both style and functionality.

  • Effortless Installation: Thanks to the EZ1 clips, installing this​ insert is a breeze, ‍whether you’re a‍ seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast. The inclusion ‌of these clips streamlines the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Optimal Performance: Equipped with a two-speed blower ⁣capable of achieving a ‌maximum airflow of 300 CFM, this insert swiftly eliminates smoke, grease, and​ odors from ⁤your kitchen environment. Operating at a noise level equivalent to a typical conversation, it ensures a ​peaceful cooking experience.
  • Enhanced Illumination: Bright ⁢LED lighting illuminates ⁤your cooktop,‌ providing clarity and ‍visibility, regardless of the time of day. Say goodbye to dimly lit cooking spaces and embrace a brighter, more inviting ambiance.
  • Convenient ​Maintenance: The dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh micro filters and stainless steel finish simplify the cleaning process, allowing for quick and⁣ effortless maintenance. Bid farewell to tedious cleaning routines and enjoy more time doing what you love.

Transform your kitchen into a⁤ haven of culinary creativity with the Broan-NuTone Custom Range Hood Insert. Experience unparalleled performance, effortless maintenance, and timeless elegance. Elevate your cooking experience‍ today!

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Key Features and Highlights

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Our Broan-NuTone Custom Range Hood Insert is a kitchen essential designed to protect your cabinetry while​ keeping your kitchen air clear and pure. Crafted with stainless steel, its sleek and flush design seamlessly integrates ‌into any kitchen appearance, enhancing its ​aesthetic appeal. Measuring at 11.44″ x 21″ x 2.81″, this insert is ADA ‍compatible, ensuring accessibility for all users.‍

Efficient Ventilation: Equipped with a two-speed blower operating at 300 Max Blower CFM, this insert⁤ swiftly removes smoke, grease, exhaust, and odor​ from your kitchen, ensuring a clean and comfortable cooking environment. The ‌3⁤ sone noise level is comparable ⁣to a typical conversation, minimizing disruptions while you cook. For added convenience, the insert features a two-speed rocker switch for easy‌ operation, or you can opt for an ADA compliant wall remote (sold separately).

In-depth Analysis​ and Recommendations

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After thorough examination, ⁣we⁢ find the Broan-NuTone Custom Range Hood Insert to be an excellent addition​ to any kitchen, especially ⁢for those seeking a seamless and ⁤efficient ventilation solution. Its 300 Max Blower CFM capability ensures swift removal ‌of ‍smoke, grease, and‌ odors, maintaining a fresh kitchen environment with ease. The two-speed rocker switch provides convenient control, while the optional remote wall control enhances accessibility for users.

Furthermore, the inclusion of bright LED lighting not only illuminates the cooktop effectively but also adds a modern touch to the kitchen ambiance. The dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh micro filters simplify cleaning tasks, while the stainless steel finish ensures durability ​and aesthetic ⁢appeal. With its easy installation process and compatibility with various cabinet depths, this insert caters to both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts alike. Overall, we highly recommend the‌ Broan-NuTone Custom Range Hood Insert for⁢ its performance, versatility, and sleek design.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Review Our Analysis
“My electrician had ⁣this‌ installed as a replacement for an‌ outdated model and ⁣it was an excellent fit! Very easily installed and fastened ‍nicely to the existing ​vent duct. While it only has two lights, it does an excellent job lighting the entire cooking area. The fan on high is a bit loud, but the suction power on low does a great job ​eliminating ⁣odors. Very‍ pleased with this purchase and would recommend.” This‍ review⁢ highlights the easy installation process and effective lighting provided by​ the hood. It acknowledges the noise level ‍on high but appreciates the low setting’s odor elimination​ capability.
“Our cabinet builders recommended this to‌ us while ⁤we⁤ were building our house. I am super happy with how it works and looks. First of all, it fits perfect for ⁣our decorative hood. I turned the fan on today and love that there are 3 speeds! I guess I’ve only ⁢ever seen two speeds, loud and loudest. The low speed on here is very ⁢quiet, and does get pretty loud by the⁤ 3rd speed but is definitely better than a ⁣lot of other fans out there. ​It does a great job ⁢taking care of the smells and‌ steam. Having 2 lights is‍ also a wonderful part of this hood, it is definitely helpful to be able to see⁣ what ⁢you’re cooking versus others⁣ that are⁤ pretty useless. I actually haven’t even used the lights on a hood fan until now because my old hoods didn’t seem to light up enough to make ‌a difference.This hood fan also seems easy to clean, looks nice and I am very excited to have it in my ‌house. ⁣I ⁤will update later on as it gets used more.” This review emphasizes the range ⁤hood’s perfect fit and versatility with 3-speed settings. It appreciates the effective odor elimination and improved ⁤lighting compared to⁣ other models.
“Fits like a glove in my custom built ​hood. Quality is⁢ that ⁢of $500-600 units‍ I saw at local home stores. Favorite thing about this unit is it has no extra parts of details that do not ‍add to its functionality. ‘Squirrel cage’ type blower fan literally runs circles around the ‘fan blade’ type blowers⁤ in Home Depot/Lowes style hoods. Motor housing is ⁤solid⁤ cast⁣ metal and the unit is ⁢very simple on the inside.Installed quickly since ⁤you can screw straight through ⁢the front or back wall of the unit to a 2×4 you place in the front ‍and​ back of it.Very quiet for⁣ its power. Clears my kitchen⁤ of⁢ an entire 20″ cast iron skillet of bacon with⁢ ease!Replacement of‍ this unit would also be easy due to its design.I thought the color would bother​ me ‍not being stainless, but it is so slim and hidden (maybe only 3/8″ reveal below mounting surface) I ​can not see the unit to know its not a different‌ color. I will not be messing with it since it​ works so well.I also originally purchased the Broan LT30 30N T-Shape Hood Liner ⁤for PM250 and PM390,⁣ Silver, 30-Inch​ Silver,‍ but was able to build my own opening for it out of simple ​2×4’s and ⁤finish grade 3/4″ plywood and paint the mounting surface with ⁤high gloss white to resist oil saturation. Works awesome and is easy to clean.I likey…” This review⁣ praises ⁣the hood’s quality, ease‍ of installation, and powerful ​suction. It highlights the efficient design and quiet operation, along‌ with its compatibility with ⁤other⁤ accessories.
“I hate kitchen odors in my house. Especially bacon, fish, etc.,‍ so, I wanted something that would tackle the task with ease. This unit has great draw/draft ability. Will⁤ actually pick up my hair a little, while close to the vent,‍ when on high. We have it vented out into our attic and from there, to the gable vent of our new home.I’d give this ‍unit a Five star, but I⁤ have ⁢to take something away for the noise factor. If you need it on high often, do not expect to hear anyone⁤ in the adjoining room. Questionable on medium, without yelling and possible​ on low, ⁤simply⁤ speaking up a‍ little/lot.We’ll ‍have to‌ wait ‍to⁤ see about durability, but appears to be a ‌very solid unit.The lights are two candelabra based‍ bulbs. Meaning the kind you’d put in a chandelier. Strange as that may seem. It takes 40 watt maximum and ⁤is useful light, but certainly not enough by itself to see‍ what you are cooking.I like it. And it was perfect and easily fitted into ​our custom built cabinets.BTW- ordering from amazon is so ‌much easier than going to the big-box store – talking to Tony who asks all⁢ kinds ⁢of questions, ⁣learns you’re building, so tries to sell you ⁣appliances and X # year warranties, before telling you they⁢ do not carry them in-store and will have to order it, and since he really doesn’t know exactly what you⁤ are talking about, ⁣you may or may not get what you need when HE orders it.” This review appreciates the hood’s ability to eliminate odors effectively and its strong ventilation‍ power. It acknowledges the noise factor ⁢but overall ‍finds the unit solid and suitable for the purpose.
“I am happy with this fan.⁢ Uses two 40W candelabra bulbs. Light has ​only On or Off setting. I wish the ⁢lights were brighter⁤ or maybe‍ it’s that they are ‌not a focused beam, or maybe the unit sits ‍higher ‌than my old under-cabinet unit. The lights seem to be situated more to the back of the stove than they would be with an under-cabinet unit.Fan has 3 settings. Low is pretty quiet, high is somewhat noisy but not bad. The controls are sliders. The fan has 3 distinct settings: low, medium, and high. This ‌unit plugs in; ⁣it is not designed to be hard-wired.I ⁣bought this to go with ‍the Broan ​LB30 30-Inch Hood Liner.” This review highlights the fan’s lighting ‍features and multiple speed settings. It⁢ finds the unit suitable for its purpose, despite minor concerns about light positioning and brightness.
“…” Additional reviews not included in the⁤ analysis due to length or relevance.


Pros & ‍Cons

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Pros & Cons


Pros Details
Efficient Ventilation This range hood insert quickly removes smoke and odors with its two-speed blower at 300 Max Blower CFM.
Bright LED⁢ Lighting The 1-level bright LED lighting provides a better view of your cooktop, enhancing‌ visibility at any time of the day or night.
Easy Installation The included EZ1 clips make installation a breeze, suitable for both⁢ professionals and DIYers.
Quick Clean-Up Dishwasher-safe ​aluminum mesh micro filters and a stainless steel finish simplify the cleaning process, ensuring easy maintenance.
Streamlined Design The flush design and depth adjustment capability make this insert suitable for any kitchen appearance, contributing to a streamlined and cohesive look.
Quiet⁢ Operation Operating at 3⁣ sones, this ‍insert is as quiet as a typical conversation, ensuring minimal ⁤disruption in your kitchen environment.
ADA Compatible This insert is ADA compatible, providing accessibility and convenience for users with diverse needs.


  • Additional accessories such‍ as the remote wall control and non-duct filter kit are sold separately, potentially increasing the overall cost.
  • The insert may not fit cabinets deeper than 15 inches without additional ⁤extensions, which ⁢could limit compatibility with certain kitchen ⁣setups.
  • While the stainless‌ steel finish enhances durability and aesthetics, ‌it may require frequent cleaning to maintain its pristine appearance.


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**Q&A Section:**

Q:⁤ Can this⁢ range hood insert be installed by someone with little ​experience in DIY projects?

A: Absolutely! The Broan-NuTone PM300SS Custom Power Pack Range Hood Insert comes with EZ1 clips, which make installation a breeze.‌ Whether you’re a seasoned professional or‌ a novice DIY enthusiast, you’ll find the process straightforward and manageable.

Q: How noisy is the exhaust fan at maximum speed?

A: The insert ⁤operates at a ‍maximum noise level of 3 sones, which is about as‍ loud as a typical ⁢conversation. You won’t have to worry about excessive noise while cooking⁣ up⁤ a storm in your kitchen.

Q: Is the lighting⁤ sufficient for cooking ‌at night?

A: ⁣Yes, the range hood insert features bright 1-level LED lighting, providing excellent⁢ visibility over your cooktop,⁣ regardless of the ​time ⁢of day or night.

Q: Can this range‍ hood accommodate deeper cabinets?

A: Certainly! The stainless liner extension allows⁢ for installation in cabinets up to 13 inches deep. Additionally, extensions are available ​for cabinets up to 15 inches deep, ensuring versatility and compatibility with ⁢various kitchen configurations.

Q: How effective is the filtration system in removing smoke, grease, and odors from the kitchen?

A: The insert features dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh micro filters, which efficiently⁤ capture airborne particles, smoke, grease, and odors, ensuring clean and fresh air ‍in your kitchen. Additionally, an optional non-duct filter kit (sold separately) ⁤provides an alternative solution for homes without ductwork.

Q: Is​ there an option for remote control ‍operation?

A: Yes, you can control⁣ the range hood insert using an​ optional ‌remote⁣ wall control (sold separately). ⁤This ⁣adds convenience and flexibility to your kitchen ventilation system.

Q: Is the stainless steel finish prone to discoloration over time?

A: No, ⁤the stainless ⁣steel finish of the range ⁤hood insert is resistant to discoloration, ensuring long-lasting durability and easy maintenance.​ Simply wipe it down with a damp ‍cloth⁣ for a clean and polished look.

Q:‌ What are the​ dimensions of this range hood insert?

A: The Broan-NuTone PM300SS Custom Power Pack Range⁤ Hood Insert measures 11.44 inches ⁢in height, 21 inches in width, and 2.81 inches in depth, making‌ it suitable for various ⁣kitchen configurations and designs.

Q: Is⁣ this range hood insert ADA compliant?

A: Yes,⁢ this insert is ADA compatible, ensuring accessibility ⁢and ease of use for individuals with disabilities.

Experience the Difference

As we ⁣conclude ⁣our exploration of the Broan-NuTone PM300SS Custom Power Pack⁣ Range Hood Insert, we can’t help but appreciate its seamless⁢ integration⁤ into modern kitchen designs. With⁤ its sleek stainless steel construction⁢ and customizable depth ⁤adjustment, this insert effortlessly elevates the aesthetics of⁢ any culinary space.

But it’s not just about looks – the Broan-NuTone insert packs a punch in⁣ performance too. With ‌a powerful 300 CFM ⁢blower and efficient filtration system, it ensures‍ that your kitchen remains free from smoke, grease, and odors, while operating at a ‍conversational noise level. Plus, the addition ‍of bright LED lighting makes⁤ late-night cooking sessions a breeze.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the EZ1 clips,‌ catering to both professionals⁢ and DIY enthusiasts alike. And let’s not forget ⁢about the hassle-free cleaning process, courtesy of the dishwasher-safe filters and stainless steel finish.

So why wait?⁣ Streamline your kitchen today with the Broan-NuTone PM300SS Custom Power Pack Range Hood Insert. Click below to make it yours and experience the perfect blend of form ‌and function.

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