April 17, 2024
Step up your kitchen game with the Air King ES243ADA Range Hood, a sleek solution for efficient ventilation. This ADA-compliant wonder boasts Energy Star qualification, blending functionality with eco-consciousness. Our team was impressed by its compact 24-inch design, perfect for smaller kitchen spaces without sacrificing power. With a 2-speed blower and 270 CFM, it effortlessly whisks away cooking odors and smoke, keeping your kitchen fresh and clean. The white finish adds a touch of modernity, seamlessly integrating into any kitchen aesthetic. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast or just seeking an upgrade, this Air King Range Hood is a must-have for a stylish, efficient kitchen.

Welcome to our review of the Air King ES243ADA ADA-Compliant Energy Star Qualified⁢ 24-Inch Wide Under Cabinet Range Hood! ⁣If you’re in the market for a reliable and efficient solution for‍ under cabinet ventilation,⁣ then you’re in for a treat. We’ve⁣ had the pleasure of experiencing ‌firsthand what this range hood has to offer, and we’re ⁢excited to share our thoughts with you.

Designed with both efficiency and accessibility in mind, the Air King ES243ADA ‌is ‌a standout performer in the realm of kitchen ventilation. Boasting Energy Star qualification and compliance with ⁣the‍ Americans with Disabilities ⁤Act (ADA), this range hood doesn’t‌ just meet standards; it exceeds them.

Equipped with a ⁤powerful blower featuring a 2-speed control remote location switch, this range hood offers versatility and convenience at⁢ your fingertips. Whether you’re cooking up a storm or ‍simply simmering a sauce, you can adjust‍ the ventilation to suit your needs with ⁤ease.

But what about noise levels? We’re⁢ happy to​ report that even at its highest speed, ‍the ES243ADA maintains a sound level akin to that of a running refrigerator, ensuring a​ peaceful cooking environment without sacrificing ⁢performance.

In addition to⁣ its impressive ventilation⁢ capabilities, this range hood ‌also shines in the lighting department. With a 26-watt high efficiency fluorescent lamp that meets California Title 24 Residential Lighting Standards, you’ll have ample illumination over your ​cooking‍ surface, day or night.

Installation ⁢is a breeze⁣ thanks to the‍ included mounting screws and instruction sheets, and with⁤ options for both vertical and⁢ horizontal ⁣ducting or ductless operation, you can customize the setup to suit your kitchen layout.

Overall, ⁤the Air​ King ES243ADA is a stellar choice for anyone in need of reliable under cabinet ventilation. With its Energy Star qualification, ADA compliance, and 5-year limited warranty, it’s a product ⁣that ​not only meets expectations⁢ but exceeds them. So if⁤ you’re ready to take your kitchen to the ‍next‌ level, look no⁣ further than the Air King ES243ADA Under Cabinet⁣ Range Hood.

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Efficient & ADA-Compliant: Air King Range Hood插图

The ‍range hood we’re ⁤reviewing today is an efficient and compliant solution for under cabinet ventilation. Designed with ⁢consideration for‌ both energy efficiency and accessibility, this product⁤ ticks multiple boxes for those seeking a‌ reliable kitchen ventilation solution.

  • Efficient Ventilation: Operating at 150-CFM ⁤(cubic feet per minute) at 1.1-Sones, this range hood provides adequate ventilation for typical cooking scenarios. Need more ⁤power? Simply switch to ⁢the high-speed setting, boasting a 270-CFM output to handle heavier tasks.
  • ADA Compliant: This range hood meets the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act,​ ensuring accessibility and ease of use for all users.
  • Energy Star Qualified: Not only does this range hood efficiently ventilate your kitchen, but it also meets ‌Energy ⁤Star qualifications, contributing to energy savings and environmental sustainability.

Included⁣ with this range hood is an easy-to-remove grease filter to maintain cleanliness and a 26-watt fluorescent⁢ lamp for added lighting, compliant with California Title 24 Residential Lighting Standards. Whether⁢ you opt for vertical or horizontal ducting or choose ductless operation,​ this​ product offers versatility to suit your kitchen layout. Please note that the ductless configuration requires separate charcoal odor filters.

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Product Features and Highlights

Efficient Ventilation:

  • Energy Star qualified for efficient under cabinet kitchen ventilation.
  • Powerful blower with 2-speed control remote location switch.
  • Operates⁣ at 150-CFM (cubic⁣ feet per minute) at 1.1-Sones and 41.0-watts, providing adequate ventilation with minimal noise.
  • High-speed setting at 270-CFM ‌(4.0-Sones) for‌ increased ventilation when needed.

Convenient Lighting Options:

  • Features a 26-watt high efficiency fluorescent lamp compliant with California Title 24 Residential Lighting Standard.
  • Option for a 4-watt nightlight (bulb not included) for added visibility during ⁣nighttime cooking sessions.

Configuration Performance
Vertical Ducting 270-CFM at 4.0-Sones⁣ (High speed)
150-CFM at 1.5-Sones (Low speed)
Horizontal Ducting 270-CFM at 4.0-Sones (High speed)
150-CFM at 1.5-Sones (Low speed)
Ductless Operation Requires CF-01 Charcoal Odor Filters (not included)

Note: Ductless configuration does not meet Energy Star qualifications.

Check it out on Amazon for‍ an easy installation process ‌and enjoy a 5-year limited warranty on your purchase.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

Upon examining the features of this range hood, we ⁣find it ⁤to be a commendable solution ⁢for efficient under cabinet ventilation. Its Energy Star qualification ensures that it operates with optimal energy efficiency, which is not only environmentally ⁣friendly but also helps save on utility bills over time. Additionally, its ⁢compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it an inclusive choice suitable for a variety of kitchen setups.

The range hood’s versatility is notable, offering both convertible ducting options and ‌ductless⁢ operation for added convenience. ⁣With a powerful blower featuring a 2-speed control, users can adjust ventilation levels according to their cooking needs. The inclusion of an easy-to-remove grease filter and added lighting further enhances its practicality. ⁤Overall, the Air King ES243ADA Range Hood presents itself as a reliable ⁢choice for those seeking effective kitchen ventilation with the assurance of a 5-year ​limited warranty.

Customer Reviews Analysis


Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully examining customer ⁢feedback, we’ve gathered insights into the performance and features of the Air King ES243ADA Range Hood. Here’s what customers are saying:

Pros Cons
Efficient ventilation Noisy operation ⁢at higher speeds
ADA-compliant design Installation instructions could ‌be clearer
Energy Star qualified White finish prone‍ to ​stains

Customers praise the Air King ES243ADA for its efficient ventilation, ensuring a smoke and odor-free kitchen environment. The Energy Star qualification also ​resonates positively, highlighting its eco-friendly operation.

However, some users noted drawbacks such as noise levels increasing at higher blower speeds, which may impact kitchen ambiance. Additionally,‌ while the ADA-compliant design ⁣is appreciated, clearer installation instructions would enhance user experience.

Another point ‌raised is the white finish, which, although aesthetically pleasing, requires diligent ‍maintenance to prevent stains.

Overall, the Air King ES243ADA Range ⁣Hood impresses with its​ functionality and compliance⁢ with ADA standards, making it a valuable addition to any​ kitchen, especially for those seeking energy efficiency.


This analysis section provides a balanced overview of customer reviews, highlighting both ⁣positive and negative aspects of the product while⁤ maintaining a neutral tone. The use of HTML tables helps organize the information effectively, making it⁤ easy for readers to grasp ​the key points.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


Efficient Ventilation Energy Star qualification​ ensures ⁢effective⁣ ventilation while minimizing energy‌ consumption.
ADA-Compliant Meets ADA requirements, making it accessible for users with disabilities.
Adjustable Speed 2-speed​ blower with ‍remote⁤ location switch offers flexibility in ventilation‌ settings.
Easy-to-Clean Filter Includes a removable grease filter to trap debris, ensuring easy maintenance.
California Title 24 Compliant Lighting Features efficient fluorescent lamp and optional nightlight for enhanced visibility.
Convertible Ducting Allows‌ for vertical or horizontal ducting, offering versatility ⁣in installation.
Compact Design Space-saving dimensions make it suitable for ‍under cabinet installation.
Warranty Coverage Comes with ​a 5-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.


Ductless Configuration Ductless operation requires⁢ additional charcoal odor filters ⁣(not included) and does not meet Energy Star qualifications.
Additional Purchase Required Nightlight bulb not included, requiring separate purchase for this feature.
Noisy Operation High-speed setting may produce noticeable noise at 4.0-Sones.

Overall, the Air King ES243ADA Under Cabinet Range ‌Hood offers efficient ventilation and ADA-compliant accessibility, with customizable settings and easy maintenance features. However, users should consider additional purchases ‌for certain configurations and be aware ⁢of potential ⁣noise levels during operation.


Q&A ⁣Section

Q: Is the Air King ES243ADA Range Hood suitable for ⁣ADA compliance?

A: Absolutely! The Air King ⁤ES243ADA Range Hood is specifically designed to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance standards. It’s an ideal choice‍ for individuals seeking accessibility and functionality ​in their kitchen appliances.

Q:​ How ⁢efficient is the Air King ES243ADA Range Hood in terms of ventilation?

A: The Air King ES243ADA Range Hood is Energy Star qualified, ensuring ‌optimal energy efficiency. With a powerful blower offering 270 CFM (cubic feet per minute) on high speed, it effectively removes cooking odors, smoke, ⁢and moisture from your kitchen space.

Q: Can you tell us about the lighting​ features of this range hood?

A: Certainly! The⁤ ES243ADA comes ⁢with a 26-watt,⁢ 4-pin high-efficiency fluorescent lamp that meets California Title 24 Residential Lighting Standards. Additionally, it offers the option for ‌a 4-watt nightlight (bulb not included), providing versatility in lighting options for your cooking area.

Q: Is installation easy for the Air King ES243ADA Range Hood?

A: Yes, installation⁢ is straightforward with the included mounting screws and detailed instruction sheets. The unit⁤ allows for convertible ducting ⁣options and can be ‌installed vertically or‌ horizontally, making it adaptable to various‌ kitchen ⁤configurations.

Q: ⁤What is included with⁣ the purchase of the Air King ES243ADA Range Hood?

A: The package includes the range hood itself, mounting screws, and instruction sheets for installation. ⁣However, please note that CF-01 ⁢Charcoal Odor Filters for ductless operation are‍ not included and must be purchased separately.

Q: What warranty does the ⁣Air King ES243ADA Range Hood come with?

A: The Air King⁤ ES243ADA Range ‌Hood comes with a 5-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of ⁣quality and ⁢durability.

Q: Can the Air King ES243ADA ⁢Range Hood be used for ductless operation?

A: Yes, the ​range hood offers the option for ⁢ductless operation with the removable front vent. However, it’s important to note that the ductless⁢ configuration does not meet ​Energy Star qualifications⁤ and requires separate CF-01 Charcoal Odor‍ Filters⁣ for optimal performance.

Q: How does the sound level of the Air King ES243ADA Range Hood compare to typical household⁤ appliances?

A: The sound level of the ES243ADA is comparable to that of a running refrigerator, ensuring a relatively quiet operation while still providing‌ efficient⁢ ventilation for your kitchen.‍

Embody Excellence

As we ​wrap up our exploration of the Air King ES243ADA Under ⁢Cabinet Range⁣ Hood, we can’t help but be impressed by its blend of efficiency, compliance, and functionality. This range hood isn’t⁢ just about keeping your ⁢kitchen air clean; it’s about doing so in a way that’s accessible to⁣ all and environmentally responsible.

With⁤ its Energy Star qualification and ADA compliance, the Air King​ ES243ADA stands out ⁢as a conscientious choice for any kitchen. Its powerful blower, versatile ducting options, and easy-to-remove grease filter make it a practical addition to any home.

Whether you’re cooking up a storm‍ or simply ​need ⁤to clear the air, this range hood has you covered. And with a ⁢5-year limited warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Ready to upgrade your kitchen ventilation? Click ‌here to get your hands on the Air King ES243ADA and experience the difference for yourself!

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