May 25, 2024
As technology continues to advance, so does our need for smarter and more secure ways to protect our belongings. That's why we were thrilled to try out the RESET-104 Weather-Resistant Sturdy Smart Lock Box. This heavy-duty metal lock box is not only built to withstand the elements, but also comes equipped with an illuminated keypad for easy access in the dark. Setting secure codes is a breeze with the Smart Life App, and the option to use 8-10 digit codes adds an extra layer of security. Plus, the fact that it's powered by AAA batteries and compatible with Micro USB makes it incredibly convenient. Keep your valuables safe and secure with the RESET-104 Lock Box, the perfect blend of smart technology and sturdy design.

Looking for a reliable and secure way to store your keys or valuables? Look no further than the RESET-104​ Weather-Resistant Sturdy Smart Lock Box. We recently had the opportunity‌ to test out ‍this heavy-duty metal keybox, and we were impressed with its illuminated keypad, support for 8-10 digit secure codes, and compatibility‌ with the Smart​ Life App. Powered‍ by AAA batteries ‍and equipped with a micro USB port, this lock box offers both convenience and ⁣peace of⁢ mind. Join us as we dive into the features and benefits of the RESET-104 Weather-Resistant Sturdy Smart Lock Box ⁣in our latest product⁢ review post.

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The RESET-104 Weather-Resistant Sturdy Smart Lock Box⁤ is a game-changer ‍when it‍ comes⁣ to key storage. With its sturdy metal construction, illuminated keypad⁣ for easy access in low-light conditions, and compatibility with the SmartLife App, this lock box offers unmatched convenience and security. The generous storage space and flexible⁣ access options, ‍such as one-time codes and ⁢Bluetooth unlocking, make this keybox a versatile ⁣solution for various⁣ scenarios.

What sets this lock​ box apart is its tamper-resistant design, providing a secure vault for your keys⁣ and valuables. The integration with the SmartLife App allows for seamless management ‌of passcodes⁤ and remote unlocking,⁢ adding an extra layer of protection. Whether for ​emergency situations or short-term rentals, the ​RESET-104 lock box offers peace of mind and convenience in one package.⁣ Experience the convenience and security ‍of this innovative keybox by getting yours today!

Key Features and Highlights

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Our‍ RESET-104 Smart⁤ Lock Box boasts a weather-resistant​ and sturdy design that⁤ is built to withstand the elements. The illuminated​ keypad ensures​ easy access even in low-light ⁤conditions or at night. The smart lock box‌ is powered⁤ by AAA batteries, providing convenient access ⁢without‌ the need for wiring or electrical outlets.

With support for 8-10 digit secure codes and compatibility with the Smart Life App, our lock box offers enhanced ⁣security and⁤ convenience. The⁤ spacious‍ interior with key hooks provides⁢ ample storage space for keys and other valuables. For added convenience, the⁣ lock box⁣ allows for flexible‌ access with one-time passcodes and a Bluetooth unlock feature. ​Secure your belongings with ease using the RESET-104 Smart Lock Box.

In-depth Analysis and Insights

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Having tested the‍ RESET-104⁤ Weather-Resistant Sturdy Smart⁢ Lock Box thoroughly, we have come to appreciate its impressive features and functionalities. The brightly illuminated keypad ensures easy access even in low-light conditions, ⁣making it convenient to use at any time⁣ of the day. The integration with the SmartLife App adds a layer of security and convenience, allowing‍ for seamless control of passcodes and remote⁤ unlocking capabilities. The generous storage space within the​ keybox​ provides ample room for⁣ various storage needs, making it more than just a simple key holder.

The rugged and tamper-resistant design of the‌ RESET-104 keybox gives us peace of‌ mind knowing that⁤ our keys ⁤and valuable items are secure. The option for one-time passcodes and a Bluetooth unlock feature adds flexibility ⁤for different access scenarios, such as​ emergencies or short-term rentals. With user-supplied power through ⁣AAA batteries, the keybox offers a reliable and ​long-lasting solution for key storage and access control. For those looking for a sturdy and feature-rich lockbox, the RESET-104 is ‌a top choice‌ that combines ⁤functionality and security effortlessly. If⁤ you want to enhance your security and convenience, check out the RESET-104 Weather-Resistant Sturdy Smart Lock Box on Amazon today!


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Our team highly recommends the RESET-104 Weather-Resistant⁣ Sturdy Smart Lock Box for anyone looking‌ for a reliable and secure storage solution. The illuminated keypad enhances ease-of-access, even ‌in low-light conditions, and the SmartLife App integration adds ‍a layer of convenience by allowing users to change and store passcodes remotely. The generous storage space and ‌tamper-resistant design ⁢make this keybox a versatile and dependable option for safeguarding keys and valuable items.

With features like one-time‌ passcodes and Bluetooth unlock, this smart lock box caters to various access needs, whether it’s for emergencies or short-term rentals. The ⁤rugged metal construction ensures ⁤durability and security, providing⁢ users with peace of mind. If you’re in search⁣ of ⁢a sturdy, weather-resistant keybox that combines functionality ⁢with modern technology, look no further than the RESET-104. Don’t miss out on enhancing your security ​and convenience ​- check it out on Amazon today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the RESET-104 Weather-Resistant Sturdy⁣ Smart ⁤Lock Box, we have gathered some key insights from actual users of the product:

Feature Review
Quality & Durability The lock box is well-made, sturdy, and easy to install. ⁣Users⁤ appreciate the heavy-duty‌ metal construction and the illuminated keypad.
App Connectivity Users find the Smart Life App easy to use and navigate. Some‍ feel‍ that the Bluetooth connection limitation is a downside, while others appreciate the simplicity of not having to install additional apps on their smartphones.
Battery Life The lock box uses 4 AAA batteries, ‍which are easy to replace and can last a long‍ time. Users​ also have the option to‍ charge the lock box using‍ a USB cable.
Size & Capacity Some users find the interior space of the lock box to⁤ be‍ sufficient ​for ⁢storing multiple keys, while others wish it was a bit larger.
Overall Impressions Users are highly impressed with the design, ease of‍ setup, and functionality of the lock box.⁤ They find​ it to ​be a secure and ⁢convenient solution for keeping spare keys and sharing‌ access ⁤with others.

Overall, the RESET-104 Lock Box ‌has‌ received positive ⁢feedback​ from users who ⁤value its quality, ‍ease of use, and ⁢smart features. It seems to be a reliable and secure option for ensuring access to homes and properties with added convenience.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Illuminated Keypad The brightly illuminated keypad allows for easy access in low-light conditions.
2. SmartLife App Integration Seamlessly connect to the SmartLife App for enhanced convenience and security features.
3. Generous Storage Space Offers ample room for keys and other⁣ valuable items.
4. One-Time‌ Codes & Bluetooth Access Provides ⁤flexible access options, including one-time codes and Bluetooth unlock.
5. Sturdy Metal Construction Offers robust resistance against tampering and forced entries.


1. User-Supplied Batteries Batteries need to be purchased separately‍ by the user.
2.⁣ Compatibility Limitation Only compatible with Micro USB for power supply.


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Q: How do I set up ‍the RESET-104 Lock Box with the SmartLife App?
A: Setting up the ⁤lock box with ‌the SmartLife App is simple and straightforward. Just follow the instructions provided in ‌the user manual to connect the lock⁢ box to the app via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can easily change and store passcodes securely, and even unlock the box remotely using the app.

Q:⁣ Can I use the lock box⁢ without the SmartLife App?
A: Yes, you can still use the lock box without the SmartLife App. The illuminated keypad allows‍ for ‌easy access to the lock box by ⁣entering secure⁤ codes manually.‌ However, using the app provides additional convenience and security⁣ features.

Q: How many ⁣secure‍ codes can be stored ⁢in the lock box?
A: The lock box supports 8-10 digit secure codes, allowing you to store multiple passcodes for different users or scenarios. This⁤ feature is especially useful​ for short-term rentals or situations where you need to grant temporary‍ access to others.

Q: Is the lock box durable and tamper-resistant?
A: Yes, the RESET-104 Lock Box is constructed with heavy-duty metal, making it ‍rugged and ‌tamper-resistant. It provides robust resistance against forced entries and tampering, ensuring that your⁢ keys and ‍valuable items are securely stored.

Q: What type⁣ of power source does ‌the ⁤lock box require?
A: ‍The lock box is powered by 4 AAA batteries, ⁢which ​need to ⁢be purchased separately by the user. The illuminated keypad and SmartLife integration⁢ ensure that the lock box remains functional even in low-light settings or night-time.

Q: Can the lock box be connected to a power source other than AAA batteries?
A: Yes, the lock box⁤ is also compatible with a Micro USB power source for added convenience. This allows for alternative ‌power options in case you prefer not to use AAA batteries to power the lock box.

Unleash Your True Potential

As we wrap up our review of ⁤the RESET-104 Lock ​Box, it’s ‍clear that this smart security solution offers‌ a combination of convenience, durability,⁣ and advanced features ⁢that set it apart from ⁤traditional lock boxes. With its‍ weather-resistant design, illuminated ‌keypad, integration with the SmartLife App, and sturdy metal construction, the RESET-104 is a reliable choice for safeguarding your keys and valuables.

If you’re looking to⁢ upgrade your security setup and simplify access control, we ⁢highly recommend checking out the RESET-104 Lock ‌Box on Amazon. ⁤Just click on the link⁢ below to ​learn ⁤more and make your purchase today!

Upgrade Your Security with the RESET-104 Lock Box

Stay safe and secure with the RESET-104 Lock Box – smart security at ⁤your fingertips!

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