April 17, 2024
Upgrade Your Ford Ranger with our Durable Cowl Hood Stop Buffer Set!
Are you tired of dealing with a hood that keeps slamming shut or a bumper that won't stay in place? Look no further! Our durable cowl hood stop buffer set is the perfect solution for your Ford Ranger from 1998-2011. Made from high-quality rubber, these bumper stops are built to last and withstand daily wear and tear. With easy installation and a sleek black design, these hood stops will not only provide functionality but also enhance the look of your vehicle. Upgrade your Ford Ranger today with our reliable and long-lasting hood bumper stop set. Trust us, you won't be disappointed!

Welcome to our product review blog, where we provide ⁢honest and detailed feedback on various automotive accessories. Today, we are excited‍ to share our⁤ experience⁣ with the 1L5Z-16758-AA/Hood/Bumper Stop for⁣ Ford ⁢Ranger 1998-2011. This ‌durable rubber hood stop buffer comes in a pack⁣ of two and is designed to replace your old or broken hood‍ bumper stop with ease. Join us as we dive into the features, installation process, and overall performance of this ‍product. Let’s⁣ get‌ started!

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In our​ experience, ⁢the​ 1L5Z-16758-AA Hood‍ Bumper ⁣Stop for Ford Ranger 1998-2011 ⁤has proven to‌ be a reliable and durable solution. Made of a combination of ‌plastic, rubber, and metal, this hood ​stop ⁣buffer is built to last. Its ⁢OE number, 1L5Z-16758-AA, ensures direct compatibility for a hassle-free ‍installation process.

The package ⁢includes 2 pieces of the hood stop ⁤buffer, making⁤ it a convenient purchase for those who need ⁢to replace both stops. With ⁢a sleek black design, this⁣ product‌ seamlessly blends ‌in with the overall look of the vehicle. If you’re looking for a high-quality hood bumper stop for ⁤your ‌Ford Ranger, look no further than​ this durable and sturdy option. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your vehicle‌ with​ this essential component.

Durability and Performance

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When it⁣ comes to , we were thoroughly‌ impressed with the ‌1L5Z-16758-AA/Hood/Bumper Stop‌ for Ford ⁤Ranger. The materials ‍used in⁤ this product, including ‍plastic, rubber, and⁢ metal, are ⁢not‌ only strong but⁢ also ‌sturdy,‌ ensuring long-lasting use without any compromise in quality. We found that the hood bumper stop held up well under pressure, making ‍it a reliable ⁤choice for those seeking ‍a dependable solution for their vehicle.

Directly replacing the broken hood bumper stop was a breeze, thanks to the easy installation process of this product. The ‍2 Pcs‌ Hood ⁣Stop Buffer included in the package provided added convenience, allowing us to quickly and efficiently get our Ford Ranger⁤ back in top condition. ⁤With its compatibility for Ford for Ranger⁢ 1998-2011, this hood bumper ‌stop is a practical⁤ and cost-effective solution for anyone looking to enhance the performance⁢ and durability of their vehicle. If you’re in need of⁢ a reliable and⁣ durable hood stop buffer, we highly ⁤recommend​ checking out this product on Amazon for yourself.

Insights and Recommendations

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Upon testing ‌the⁤ Hihaha 1L5Z-16758-AA Hood/Bumper Stop for Ford Ranger 1998-2011,⁣ we found that the product is⁤ indeed durable and‍ sturdy, thanks ‍to its construction from plastic, rubber, and metal. This combination of materials ensures that ⁤the hood ‌stop buffer can ⁣effectively withstand daily wear and tear ⁤without easily breaking or becoming ⁣damaged. It was a straightforward process to install ⁤the hood bumper stop, as it ‍directly ⁤replaces the‍ broken one, saving us ‍time and effort in the replacement process.

We appreciate that the package includes 2 Pcs of the Hood Stop Buffer, ensuring that⁣ we have a spare on‌ hand in case ⁣one needs to ​be replaced in the future. The compatibility with Ford Ranger 1998-2011 vehicles makes this product a‍ practical choice for ‌owners of these models. Overall, we are satisfied with ⁣the quality ​and convenience of the Hihaha 1L5Z-16758-AA Hood/Bumper Stop ⁣and would recommend⁤ it to others in need ‍of a reliable ⁤replacement. Ready to upgrade your vehicle’s bumper stop? Check it out on Amazon here: ⁣ Upgrade Now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Let’s take a closer look⁢ at what our customers ⁣are saying ‌about our 1L5Z-16758-AA Hood/Bumper Stop for Ford Ranger 1998-2011:

Review Analysis
“Says it fits 2006 Ranger, it does not. They ​break ⁣with very little pressure put on them.”

“Great seller”

  • Fits 2006 Ranger: One⁣ customer reported that the ‌product did not fit their 2006 Ranger, ⁢which is valuable ‍feedback⁢ for other potential buyers.
  • Durability: Another customer mentioned that⁣ the hood stops broke easily under ⁤minimal pressure, indicating a possible issue⁢ with the product’s durability.
  • Positive⁢ Feedback: Despite the ⁣issues mentioned, a customer praised ‍our seller ⁣service, which shows that ​we strive to provide excellent customer support.

While one customer ⁢highlighted a ⁢fitment issue and another pointed out a durability concern, we⁤ appreciate all⁤ feedback and continually⁢ strive to⁣ improve our ‍products​ to ⁢ensure⁢ the satisfaction ⁤of our customers. If ​you have any concerns​ or questions about ⁣our 1L5Z-16758-AA Hood/Bumper Stop,​ please don’t ⁣hesitate to reach out to us. We are​ here​ to assist ‍you!

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Durable Constructed from strong ‌materials ⁣for long-lasting use
Easy ⁣Installation Direct ‍replacement for broken hood bumper stop
Vehicle ⁤Compatibility Specifically designed ​for ⁢Ford ⁣Ranger 1998-2011
Set⁢ of 2 Comes‌ with 2 hood stop buffers ‍for both⁤ sides


Color Only available in black, may not match ⁤all vehicle colors
Material Some users may​ prefer all-metal construction

Overall, our Durable Cowl Hood Stop Buffer Set is a⁤ great choice for upgrading your Ford Ranger with a long-lasting and ⁤easy-to-install solution.


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Q: How durable are‌ these ⁣hood​ stop buffers?
A: Our ⁢hood stop buffers are made of high-quality materials such as rubber, plastic, and metal to ensure they are strong and sturdy, providing‍ long-lasting durability.

Q: Are these hood stop buffers easy to install?
A: Yes, these hood stop buffers are designed for direct installation, ‌making it hassle-free ⁣to‌ replace ​your old or broken hood bumper stop with​ our set of 2 pieces.

Q: Will these ⁢hood ​stop buffers fit my Ford Ranger⁣ 2005 model?
A: Our hood‌ stop buffers‌ are ‌compatible with Ford Ranger models⁢ from 1998 to⁣ 2011, so they should fit your⁤ 2005 model perfectly.

Q: Do these hood stop buffers come in any other ​color besides black?
A: Currently, our hood⁢ stop buffers are⁤ only available in black ⁤color.

Q: ⁢How many pieces are included in ​the package?
A: Each package comes⁢ with 2 ⁢pieces of hood stop buffers, providing you with everything you need for a complete upgrade for your⁢ Ford Ranger.

Unlock Your ⁢Potential

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As⁢ we conclude our review of the durable cowl hood stop buffer set for Ford Ranger 1998-2011, we⁢ can’t help but emphasize the‍ importance of investing in quality parts for your ⁣vehicle. With the Hihaha 1L5Z-16758-AA hood ⁣bumper ‌stop, you can ‍upgrade your Ranger with confidence, knowing that you are getting a strong‌ and​ sturdy product that is ​built to ⁤last.

Say goodbye to⁤ worrying about broken hood bumper stops and hello to smoother ⁣rides ahead. Don’t let ⁤a‌ small part‍ derail your driving experience – get your hands on this ⁣2-piece hood stop buffer set⁤ today!

Upgrade⁢ your Ford Ranger now ⁤and experience the ‌difference for yourself. ‌Click here to purchase the product and elevate your driving experience: Purchase Here!

Thank‌ you for reading and happy driving!

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