April 16, 2024
Upgrade Your Kitchen with the Broan Ductless Range Hood
Looking to elevate your kitchen space? Look no further than the Broan-NuTone BUEZ130SS Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood. This 30-inch stainless steel beauty is not only a sleek addition to your kitchen, but it also packs a powerful punch when it comes to keeping your cooking area free of smoke, odors, and grease. With its exhaust fan and built-in lights, this range hood is a game-changer in terms of functionality and style. Say goodbye to the days of a smoky kitchen and hello to a clean and well-lit cooking space. Trust us, this upgrade will make a world of difference in your culinary adventures.

If you’re⁤ looking​ to‌ upgrade your kitchen with a⁤ sleek and efficient range hood,⁢ look no further than the Broan-NuTone⁣ BUEZ130SS Non-Ducted Ductless Range ⁢Hood. Our experience with this under-cabinet unit has been ⁢nothing short of impressive. The stainless‌ steel design ‌not only adds a ⁢modern ⁣touch to⁤ the kitchen, ⁢but also ensures⁢ durability and ⁢ease of maintenance. The non-vented design, ⁢paired ⁣with a replaceable charcoal filter, makes indoor exhaust ⁣recirculation a breeze. ​With two fan speeds and separate rocker switches for fan and light control, customizing your cooking environment has ⁤never been easier. The easy installation system‌ and ⁣one-year limited warranty provide peace of mind for any DIY enthusiast. ​Stay tuned for a detailed ⁢review of our first-hand experience with the Broan-NuTone BUEZ130SS Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood.

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The Broan-NuTone BUEZ130SS Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood is a game-changer for⁢ any kitchen. With its​ EZ1‍ one person installation system, this hood allows for easy and ‌quick setup without the ‌need for air ducts. The two fan speeds give you the flexibility to adjust the blowing speed to your preference, while the ‍removable combination grease-charcoal filter ensures a cleaner indoor environment. The stainless ⁣steel design adds a touch of elegance to your space, making it a great addition to any kitchen renovation ‍or new construction project.

This under-cabinet range hood ‌also features incandescent lighting that brightens ‍up your cooking area, creating a⁣ well-lit workspace⁣ that enhances your ‍culinary experience. The mitered sides ​and hemmed ⁣bottom not only provide a sleek look but⁤ also ensure safety in the kitchen. With ⁢a one year ⁤limited⁣ warranty, you can have peace of‍ mind knowing that this range hood is built to ⁢last. Upgrade your kitchen today ​with the Broan-NuTone BUEZ130SS Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood ⁢and ⁤enjoy a new⁣ level of convenience and sophistication in​ cooking. Check it out on ⁢Amazon.

Impressive Features and Design

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The Broan-NuTone⁣ BUEZ130SS range hood boasts an array of impressive features that make it a ⁢standout addition to any‌ kitchen. The non-vented design allows for easy installation without‌ the need ‍for air ducts, while the two​ fan ‌speeds provide customizable blowing options to suit‌ your cooking needs. The incandescent⁣ lighting ​illuminates the cooktop‌ area, ensuring optimal visibility⁢ while⁢ you cook. Additionally, the removable combination ⁣grease-charcoal filter‌ allows for cleaner indoor exhaust recirculation⁢ and simple maintenance.

Not ⁤only‍ does this range hood excel in functionality, but it also shines in design.​ The stainless steel construction ⁢adds a touch of⁤ sophistication ‍to ‌your kitchen space, while the under-cabinet design preserves valuable cabinet space. The ‍mitered sides and hemmed bottom ensure safety⁤ and contribute to a sleek,⁢ cohesive look.​ With its easy installation system, high-quality filtration, and modern design, the Broan-NuTone BUEZ130SS ⁤range hood is a must-have for anyone looking​ to ​upgrade​ their kitchen. If you’re ready to take your cooking to the next level, click here to purchase this impressive range hood on Amazon!

In-depth Insights ‌and Performance

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When it comes⁢ to the‌ Broan-NuTone BUEZ130SS Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood, we were‍ truly impressed by the ‍attention to detail and⁢ high-quality performance it‍ offers. The EZ1 one⁣ person ⁢installation system made setting it up ⁣a breeze, saving us time ​and effort ⁣in the process. The two-fan⁣ speeds allowed us to easily​ adjust the⁣ blowing ‍speed to ‍perfectly fit our ‍cooking​ needs, while the removable combination grease-charcoal filter ensured cleaner indoor exhaust recirculation. The motor’s permanent lubrication⁢ and ⁣durable​ design guaranteed years of trouble-free ⁤service, giving us peace of mind.

The stainless steel under-cabinet design not only ⁤adds a sleek​ and modern touch to our kitchen but also helps to preserve valuable cabinet space. The incandescent lighting brightened up our cooking area beautifully, creating the perfect ambiance while we prepared our meals. Plus,⁣ with the non-vented design and replaceable charcoal filter, maintenance‍ was a breeze. With a one-year limited ⁤warranty for added convenience, the Broan-NuTone Range Hood is definitely a​ worthwhile investment for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen. Don’t⁢ miss out on all the⁣ amazing features this range‍ hood has to⁤ offer – ⁢check it​ out on Amazon⁣ now!⁣ Check out the Broan-NuTone BUEZ130SS⁢ on Amazon.

Recommendations and Final‍ Thoughts

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When it comes to our final thoughts on the Broan-NuTone‍ BUEZ130SS⁢ Non-Ducted Range Hood, ⁢we have nothing‌ but​ positive things to say. This under cabinet⁤ hood not‌ only adds‍ a touch of modern elegance⁣ to any kitchen, but also provides exceptional functionality. The ‍easy installation system, two fan speeds, and removable combination filter make ⁤this range hood a⁤ standout choice for those looking to efficiently​ filter out cooking odors and grease. Plus, the incandescent lighting not ‍only brightens up your cooktop area but also adds an extra level of ‍sophistication to your kitchen.

Overall, we highly recommend the Broan-NuTone BUEZ130SS Non-Ducted ‌Range Hood to anyone in the market for a reliable and stylish addition to their kitchen. With‌ its sleek stainless steel‍ design, versatile features,‌ and one year limited warranty, this range⁤ hood ⁣is a solid investment for​ both new construction projects and kitchen renovations. Don’t ‍miss out ⁤on the opportunity ‍to upgrade your kitchen with this top-of-the-line range‍ hood – ​click here​ to purchase now and experience the benefits for yourself! ⁤

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

<p>After reading through the customer reviews for the Broan Ductless Range Hood, we've compiled a summary of the key points to help you make an informed decision:</p>

<h3>Positive Reviews</h3>

<li>Easy to install, fits perfectly, and looks great.</li>
<li>Affordable price compared to other options.</li>
<li>Provides extra light for cooking.</li>
<li>Replacement was a huge improvement in appearance.</li>
<li>Works well for rental property updates.</li>
<li>Quiet fan with suitable suction power.</li>
<li>Product matches the description and brand reputation.</li>
<li>Fairly easy to install and looks good.</li>

<h3>Negative Reviews</h3>

<li>Missing RANGE HOOD CORD KIT for plug-in installation.</li>
<li>Light kit hangs a little wonky.</li>
<li>Fan may not be powerful enough for some users.</li>
<li>Lack of model number for replacement filters.</li>
<li>No covering under the hood, exposes light and mesh covering.</li>
<li>External appearance could be improved with more detailed images.</li>

<h3>Overall Verdict</h3>

<p>Based on the reviews, the Broan Ductless Range Hood is a budget-friendly option that offers adequate functionality for most users. While some minor issues were reported, such as missing parts or lower-than-expected suction power, the majority of customers were satisfied with their purchase. It's important to consider your specific needs and installation requirements before making a decision.</p>

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Easy Install System
2. 2 ⁢Fan⁤ Speeds for Customizable ⁤Air Flow
3. Removable Combination‌ Grease-Charcoal Filter⁤ for Easy Maintenance
4. Permanently Lubricated Motor for Longevity
5. ⁢Incandescent Lighting ‌for Bright Illumination
6. Under-Cabinet Design to Preserve ‌Space
7. Mitered Sides and Hemmed Bottom ‌for Safety
8. Backed by ‌a 1 Year Limited Warranty


1. Charcoal Filter Replacement May Add Extra Cost
2. Bulb for Incandescent ⁣Lighting Not Included

Overall, the ⁤Broan-NuTone Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood is a practical‍ and stylish addition ⁣to any kitchen, offering easy installation, customizable features, and a sleek ​design. However, potential buyers⁣ should consider the additional‍ cost of filter replacements and the need to purchase a separate bulb for the‌ lighting ⁤feature.


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Q: How difficult is the installation process for the Broan Non-Ducted ⁢Under Cabinet⁢ Range ⁣Hood?

A: The Broan range hood features the⁣ EZ1 one ⁢person⁣ installation system, making the installation process ⁢quick and easy. The⁤ two-bracket system holds‌ the hood in place while you make final electrical ⁣and ducting preparations, so you can ‍install it with ease.

Q: Can I adjust the fan speed on the Broan Non-Ducted Under​ Cabinet Range Hood?

A: Yes, the⁤ range hood⁣ has 2 fan speeds that⁣ allow‌ you to adjust the⁤ blowing speed to fit your needs. This feature gives you control‍ over how powerful‍ you want ​the exhaust to be in ‍your kitchen.

Q: How often ⁤do⁣ I need ⁤to ⁤replace the charcoal filter⁤ in the Broan Non-Ducted Under Cabinet Range Hood?

A: The‍ charcoal filter in the range hood is replaceable for ​easy maintenance. The frequency of replacement will depend on how often you use the hood and how much smoke and grease⁤ it filters out.⁤ We recommend checking the filter regularly and replacing it‍ as needed to ensure ​optimal performance.

Q: Is the Broan ‌Non-Ducted‌ Under Cabinet Range ​Hood backed by a warranty?

A: Yes, the range hood is backed by a one year limited warranty for your convenience. This warranty provides ⁣peace of mind and ⁤ensures that you will receive support if you​ encounter any issues with the product. ⁢

Embrace a New ‍Era

In⁣ conclusion, upgrading your kitchen with the Broan Non-Ducted Under⁤ Cabinet Range⁢ Hood is a smart choice for effective filtration, high quality, and value. With easy installation, customizable fan speeds,⁢ and a sleek stainless steel ⁢design, this range hood is a perfect addition to any kitchen renovation or new construction project.

Don’t ⁢miss out on⁤ the opportunity‍ to elevate your​ cooking experience ⁢with this fantastic ‌product.⁣ Click here to purchase your very ‌own Broan-NuTone BUEZ130SS Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood with ⁣Lights Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet, 30-Inch, Stainless Steel‍ on Amazon ⁢now!

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